Precautions and cleaning methods for using LCD screen

by:Kimeery     2021-08-22
With the rapid development of science and technology, display technology is also undergoing a revolution, especially since the 1990s, with technological breakthroughs and rapid growth in market demand, LCD screens have quickly become the mainstream of the market. Next, let us follow Kimeery let's take a look at the precautions and cleaning methods for using LCD screens. Precautions for using the LCD display module 1. The LCD display is made of glass. Do not apply mechanical shocks such as falling from a height. If the display is damaged and the internal liquid crystal leaks, do not let it enter the mouth. If it gets on clothes or skin, wash it off quickly with soap and water. 2. If the LCM LCD module works for a long time and displays the same pattern, the pattern will remain on the screen like a phantom and there will be subtle contrast differences. If you want to regain normal working condition, you can temporarily stop using it for a while. It is worth noting that this phenomenon will not have an adverse effect on the reliability of the performance. 3. In order to reduce the generation of static electricity, do not perform assembly and other work in a dry environment. The LCM module has a layer of film to protect the display. Be careful when removing this protective film, as static electricity may be generated. 4. Minimize electrode corrosion. Water droplets, moisture condensation, or current in a high-temperature environment may accelerate electrode corrosion. 5. At low temperatures, the solidification of liquid crystals will cause directional defects or produce bubbles. Air bubbles are also generated when the liquid crystal module is vibrated strongly at low temperatures. 6. Do not touch the surface of the display screen or, be sure to ground it correctly. How to clean the LCD screen When cleaning the LCD screen, never use any alkaline solution or chemical solution to wipe the surface of the screen at will. There are two types of smudges on LCD panels, one is the dust in the air that accumulates over time, and the other is fingerprints and oil stains left by users inadvertently. Many people have misunderstandings when cleaning LCD screens. Home appliance experts reminded that if you do not pay attention, these details will damage the LCD to a certain extent. 1. Use a general soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the LCD screen. Do not use ordinary soft cloth (such as glasses cloth) or paper towels to wipe the LCD screen. For soft LCD screens, their surface is still too rough and it is easy to scratch the delicate LCD screen. 2. Clean the LCD screen with clean water. When cleaning with clean water, the liquid is easy to drip into the inside of the LCD screen, which will cause a short circuit in the equipment circuit, which will burn out expensive electronic equipment. 3. Clean the LCD screen with alcohol and other chemical solvents. LCD screens are coated with a special coating on the screen. Once the display screen is wiped with alcohol, this special coating will be dissolved, which will adversely affect the display effect. This time, Kimeery briefly introduced to the netizens the precautions and cleaning methods for using the LCD screen, hoping to help netizens in need!
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