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Precautions for LCM production

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
LCM is actually a liquid crystal module. Our common LCD is formed by splicing. The quality of LCD often depends on the assembly of LCM. It cannot be careless. The editor of Xingyuhe Electronics will share with you some precautions about LCM operation. Hope to help everyone. 1. The installation of the LCM module is to use the mounting holes on the PCB to assemble to the equipment used, because the display inside the module is composed of two very thin pieces of glass, which are easily damaged. Therefore, you should be careful when installing and applying . 2. Module cleaning treatment When cleaning the module, use a soft cloth dipped in a little solvent (isopropanol or ethanol) and wipe it lightly. Avoid scrubbing the display surface with dry or hard objects to avoid damaging the polarizer. Do not use the following solvents: water, ketones, aromatic compounds. 3. Prevent static electricity The driver IC used on the LCM module is a C-MOS large-scale integrated circuit. Therefore, do not connect any unused input terminals to VDD or Vss, do not input any signal to the module before the power is turned on, and ground the operator's body, workbench, and assembly platform. Install the equipment to prevent static electricity. 4. Pack the LCM module to avoid severe vibration or falling from a height. In order to prevent the module from aging, avoid working or storing under direct sunlight or in high temperature and high humidity environment. 5. Operation The LCM module must be driven within the specified voltage range, higher than the specified driving voltage will shorten the life of the LCM module. Direct current will cause LCD degradation, so avoid using direct current drive. When the temperature is lower than the operating temperature range, the response time of the LCD will be significantly longer. When the temperature is higher than the operating temperature range, the LCD color will become darker. The above phenomenon will return to normal when working within the working temperature range, and it is not a product quality problem. If the display area is strongly pressed under working conditions, some characters will be displayed incorrectly, but they will return to normal after being closed once. Condensation on the electrode terminals will cause an open circuit due to electrochemical reactions. At the highest operating temperature, the humidity should be less than 50%RH. 6. Storage For long-term storage (such as one year), the following method is recommended: Enclose the module in a polyethylene plastic bag to prevent moisture. Store in a place protected from light and the temperature is within the specified storage temperature range. Avoid any objects touching the surface of the polarizer during storage. (It is recommended to store it in the inner packaging bag at the time of delivery) 7. Safety It is recommended to break the damaged or useless LCM module into pieces and clean the liquid crystal with ethanol and propanol, and then burn it. If you accidentally stick the leaked liquid crystal from the damaged LCD screen to your hands, please wash it off with soap and water. The above is the related sharing of some precautions about LCM. Only when we have enough care and patience when splicing, we can assemble the LCD we need. If you want to know more details, please pay attention to Xingyuhe Electronics Yo.
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