Precautions for the design and development of pen segment display module

by:Kimeery     2021-09-04
Although the pen segment display module looks simple and the graphics displayed are fixed, there are still many details to pay attention to when designing and developing. Now I will focus on a few common error-prone problems. When designing and developing the pen segment display module, the first thing to consider is what graphics the customer needs, so the designed graphics do not meet the company's production process requirements. The pen segment is thinner, it can't be carved out, and the displayed effect will be problematic. The graphics should be evenly arranged, and the logic routing should be regular. The length of the routing should be the same, and the difference should not be too large. If the difference is too large, the impedance of each COM line will be different, and the graphic effects displayed by the pen segment display module will be inconsistent. Therefore, the pen segment display module is still very important in this consideration, which is related to the overall display effect of the entire pen segment display module, which is also the most important point for customers. Secondly, the pen-segment display module also needs a backlight. The design of the backlight is actually very important. The first thing to consider is that the backlight should emit uniformly and the brightness should be sufficient. The number of lights should be designed well, and the shading of the head should be large enough. If it is not large enough, the eye of the head should be large when the backlight is on. This has a great impact on the display effect. When designing and developing the pen segment display module, each component diagram such as mobile phone LCD, backlight and PCB must be considered clearly, especially in combination with the company’s production process, so that the design and production of each component diagram are in line with the company’s Production capacity. Another important consideration of the pen segment display module is the design of the circuit principle. The first thing to consider is what kind of chip control to choose. For example, if the mobile phone LCD has 4 channels, you can generally choose a 1621 chip, that is, generally drive 4COM X 32SEG.. If you exceed this number of segments, then you have to Another consideration. Another problem is the layout of the PCB. The routing should be smooth and anti-static treatment should be taken into consideration. Only when the circuit board is ready, the effect of the pen segment display module will be better, and the quality will be improved by a level. In general, to design and develop the pen segment display module, we must consider all aspects and pay attention to details.
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