Professional LCD screen classification and technical characteristics

by:Kimeery     2021-08-20
At present, mainstream LCD screens can be divided into five types: OLED LCD screen, STN LCD screen, STN LCD screen, STN LCD screen, and TFD LCD screen! Below we introduce in detail the respective characteristics of these types of LCD screens:. OLED LCD screen LCD for Samsung is the abbreviation of 'Organic Light Emitting DisplayThe backlight uses very thin organic material coatings and glass substrates. When there is current passing through, these organic materials will emit light, so its viewing angle is very large, and the content on the screen can be seen clearly from all directions, and It can be made very thin, and the OLED display can significantly save power, and is known as the 'dream display.' But LCD for Samsung is not without its shortcomings. Because it is still an immature technology, its service life is relatively short at this stage, and the screen area is relatively small. . TFT LCD screen TFT is the abbreviation of 'Thin Film TransistorTo drive, there are four independent thin film transistors behind each pixel to drive the pixel to emit colored light, which can display a true color with a color depth of 24bit. In terms of resolution, the TFT LCD screen can reach up to UXGA (1600×1200). The arrangement of TFT is memorable, so it will not return to its original state immediately after the current disappears, thereby improving the shortcomings of STN LCD screen flicker and blur, effectively improving the effect of LCD screen displaying dynamic images, and the ability to display static images Even more prominent, the dragon point of TFT LCD screen is that the response time is short and the color is bright, so it is widely used in notebook computers, DV and DC. The disadvantage of the TFT LCD screen is that it consumes more power and the cost is relatively high. . TFD LCD screen TFD is the abbreviation of “Thin Film Diode”. Due to the high power consumption and high cost of TFT LCD screen, which greatly increases the cost of the product, EPSON has developed TFD technology specifically for mobile phone screens. It belongs to an active matrix liquid crystal screen. Each pixel on the LCD is equipped with a separate diode, which can control each pixel individually, so that each pixel will not affect each other, which can significantly improve the resolution. Display dynamic pictures and brilliant colors without trailing. In terms of performance, TFD LCD screen takes into account the advantages of TFT LCD screen and STN LCD screen. TFD LCD screen is brighter than STN LCD screen, and the colors are more vivid. At the same time, it is more power-efficient than TFT LCD screen. The brightness is still inferior to that of TFT liquid crystal. . STN LCD screen STN is the abbreviation of 'Super Teisted NematicThe color STN LCD screen is to add a color filter on the basis of the monochrome STN LCD screen, and divide each pixel in the monochrome display matrix into three sub-pixels, and display red, green, and blue through the color filter. A variety of colors, so as to achieve a color picture. Due to technical limitations, the current STN LCD screen has a maximum of 65536 colors, and most of the STN products seen on the market are 4096-color STN products, so STN is also called 'pseudo-color.' . GF LCD screen GF is the abbreviation of 'Glass Fine Color'. Perhaps everyone is unfamiliar with GF LCD screens, because there are very few digital products using GF LCD screens on the market. In fact, GF is a kind of STN. The main features of GF are: Under the premise of ensuring low power consumption, the brightness has been improved, but the GF LCD screen has some color cast.
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