Qingdao vigorously introduces and develops high-generation TFT-LCD and Micro LED projects 100 billion yuan in 4 years

by:Kimeery     2021-05-30

Qingdao Daily, April 26th, 'Qingdao Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)' was recently released, proposing that Qingdao will take 4 years to build an ultra-high definition video industry highland with global influence. The total scale of the target industry exceeds 100 billion yuan.

It is understood that Qingdao will make full efforts in terminal equipment production, content supply, network bearing and application demonstration. By 2022, Qingdao will become an important domestic production base for ultra-high-definition video terminals and equipment. A 4K industrial ecosystem has been established, and breakthroughs have been made in the Ru0026D and industrialization of 8K key technology products. The annual output of 4K TVs and 1 million 8K TVs from key enterprises has reached 15 million sets; 2 4K ultra-high-definition TV channels have been opened, providing 20 A set of 4K ultra-high-definition TV live channels, to achieve an ultra-high-definition program production capacity of 1,000 hours/year, and a national industry standard-compliant ultra-high-definition video program to provide 5,000 hours/year, with Qingdao as the core node for distribution of ultra-high-definition video content storage More than 1000T; more than 90% of households can watch 4K TV programs, cable TV networks and IPTV platforms carry out 4K content live broadcast services and on-demand services, popularize 4K ultra-high-definition set-top box applications; in culture, education, entertainment, security monitoring, medical health, intelligent transportation, Realize the large-scale application of ultra-high-definition video in industrial manufacturing and other fields.

Qingdao will form a 'one belt and four core' industrial space layout. Take Shinan District Animation Industry Park, Laoshan District International Innovation Park, and Qingdao (Core Park) Semiconductor Industry Base in Jimo District as the radiation belt of the ultra-high-definition video industry, serving as technological innovation, content production, equipment and terminal product production, service support, and talent gathering The ultra-high-definition video industry cluster area promotes the development of the upstream and downstream linkages of the industrial chain. Among them, the Laoshan International Innovation Park is the core area for technological innovation and information service gathering, the Shinan Animation Industry Park is the core area for ultra-high-definition video content production, and the Oriental Movie Metropolis of Qingdao West Coast New District is the core area for film and television content production. The Qingdao (Core Park) Semiconductor Industry Base in Jimo District is the core area for the manufacturing of ultra-high-definition video equipment, terminal products and key devices.

For this, Qingdao will implement 'six projects' to solve the development pain points in various fields of the industry.

1. Implement the construction project of the ultra-high-definition video industry innovation center, promote the deep integration of the industrial chain, technology chain, innovation chain, capital chain and policy chain, and create a collaborative innovation ecosystem;

2. Implement the construction of an ultra-high-definition video content production base, introduce content production companies, gather high-end talents, improve the marketization level of ultra-high-definition content production, and build an open 'content production + platform service' based on sharing, think tank, collaboration, and services 'Incubation + venture capital' two-wheel drive innovation model;

3. Implement the ultra-high-definition video content cloud platform construction project to build a public service platform for content production, content distribution, content analysis, intelligent operation, and secure transactions , To promote the integration of ultra-high-definition video content resources, form a 'content as a service' platform system, and create a trading port for ultra-high-definition video content;

Fourth, implement the construction of ultra-high-definition video equipment and terminal product production bases, and expand 4K /8K ultra-high-definition TV production scale, promote the industrialization of 4K/8K ultra-high-definition chips, large-size panels, lasers, and set-top boxes, and vigorously introduce and develop Micro LED (micro LED) and high-generation TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal displays) Project;

Five. Implement network transmission carrying capacity improvement projects, promote optical fiber, cloudification and intelligent upgrading of transmission networks, and explore the application of 5G to ultra-high-definition video transmission;

6 , Implement the UHD video application demonstration zone creation project, support innovative UHD video commercial applications and consumption models, and vigorously promote the application of UHD video technology in various fields.

Source: Qingdao Daily

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