Reasons for differences in opinions on LCD screens

by:Kimeery     2021-09-02
LCD mobile LCDscreen screen is already one of the most widely used display technologies and components. However, in the actual industry chain, each company or each engineer has different technical opinions on the same problem, and it is often because such different opinions can easily cause disputes and affect the cooperation and production of cooperative companies and manufacturers. The structure of STN and HTN LCD is composed of upper polarizer, ITO glass, liquid crystal, ITO glass, and lower polarizer. Other structures such as epoxy resin to form a closed liquid crystal cell, and beading technology to control the height of the liquid crystal cell Do not repeat it. Usually LCD manufacturers provide a drive circuit formed by a drive IC and a voltage divider resistor network, plus the necessary backlight and mechanical structure, which are called LCD modules, or LCMs. Quite a lot of application engineers only understand the interface of the LCM drive circuit and ignore the principle of liquid crystal display. At the same time, LCD manufacturers tend to be obsessed with LCD production process and testing methods, and not pay enough attention to the driving circuit. As a result, when encountering a very common and concealed failure phenomenon, it is often considered that the other party has made a mistake, and tried to persuade the other party but failed to find the root cause of the failure, and could not provide a solution. The rapid development and revolution of modern physics have laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of electronic components. However, people often skip the basic theories and basic physical phenomena and experiments of modern physics intentionally or unintentionally when they go from being amazed by the new functions of electronic components to being familiar with and seemingly enjoying the progress of science and technology as a matter of course. From a physical point of view, sunlight is scattered by the earth’s atmosphere into light that is polarized in all directions, and the polarizer passes light that is polarized in a certain direction and filters out the remaining light. In this way, the light entering the LCD cell will be and can only be polarized in the same direction. Corresponding ITO traces are distributed on the upper and lower glass of the liquid crystal cell, and corresponding electrodes are formed for the liquid crystal. Liquid crystals are organic long rod molecules with both electrical polarity and optical anisotropy. If a voltage difference is established on the electrodes, the liquid crystal molecules will deflect, and the light in a specific polarization direction will pass through the liquid crystal molecules to reach the lower polarizer and be folded back to the observer's eyes. The observer sees the relevant characters or patterns on the LCD. If the voltage difference applied to the electrodes is not enough, the deflection angle of the liquid crystal molecules will not be enough, which will affect the amount of light returned. Finally, the relevant characters or patterns on the LCD that the observer sees will become insufficiently displayed, forming ghost images. From the perspective of LCD panel manufacturers, STN and HTN type LCDs are difficult to disclose due to the difficulty of understanding the characteristics of mobile LCDscreen materials and process limitations such as the angle of wiping the film due to their professionalism and the confidentiality of the production process. Therefore, the specification that the industry can calibrate to LCD users is the viewing angle direction-common at six o'clock and twelve o'clock, and the driving method-such as 1/16 duty and 1/5 bias. Duty refers to the duty cycle of the driving waveform. The horizontal axis is the time axis when viewed from the oscilloscope. Bias refers to the bias voltage of the driving waveform, and the vertical axis is the voltage amplitude from the oscilloscope.
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