Regulations for the structural design of black and white display modules

by:Kimeery     2021-09-03
When designing the thickness of each component of the black and white display module, tolerance factors must be considered. When drawing, leave room for tolerance. Such as mobile phone LCD and PCB, when the PCB thickness is +/-0.1, there should be a 0.1mm gap between the PCB and the LCD. If the tolerance is not reserved, there will be problems when assembling into a finished product, resulting in too high or too low height. When the black and white display module adopts the mobile phone LCD structure inside the iron shell, it should be centered. When the tolerance of the iron case is +/-0.2, the nominal size of the space inside the iron case is 0.2mm larger than the nominal size of the LCD on each side. On the premise of meeting customer requirements, we should try our best to use parts that have been mold-opened for design, and strive to keep the cost as low as possible, and communicate with customers when necessary. When designing each component, the process capability should be considered and not extremes. The scope of application of the protective tape: H/S products, FPC products should be added if there is the possibility of pulling the FPC or H/S when designing the FPC or H/S. Hot-pressed FPC and TCP products should be sealed with RTV at the edge of the glass Glue to prevent the FPC from breaking along the LCD edge (except for special requirements). RTV should also be added to the side of the small piece of glass to protect the ITO. After the design of each component is completed, a virtual combination should be performed in CAD to verify that it is correct. Prototype products can only be designed for profiling when it is determined that they can meet the requirements of our company's production process. For FFC, FPC and other products that need to be soldered to the PCB, the soldering part does not have a strength tape. For self-developed translucent products, high translucent polarizers are preferred. For products with backlight, try not to use the transmission mode. The assembly instructions should specify the reference and the direction of the components during assembly. When the components are connected by FPC, the hollow electrode method should be used as much as possible. The black and white display module TAB product design should be used as much as possible The electrode of TAB faces the FPC/PCB side to prevent the electrode from breaking during welding. For products with backlight, it is recommended to consider measures to ensure no light leakage. When designing a COG product, move the IC and PIN position to ensure that the resistance of VDD, VSS and other circuits is minimized. The name of each part should be pointed out when labeling.
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