Research and research: LCD panels over 65 inches shipped 30% this year

by:Kimeery     2021-05-31

This year’s shipments of large-size liquid crystal (LCD) TV panels may soar by 30%! Corning has built a large glass substrate factory next to BOE's LCD factory. The new factory has now been completed. It is expected that BOE's LCD panel production capacity of 65 inches or more will increase significantly.

Korean media TheElec reported on the 14th that Corning’s Wuhan, Hubei 10.5 generation (3,370x2,940mm) LCD glass substrate plant has announced the completion, which is adjacent to BOE’s 10.5 generation LCD plant.

Corning has a total of 8 plants in China, most of which are 8.5-generation plants. This is Corning's second generation 10.5 substrate plant in China. Prior to this, Corning had built a generation 10.5 substrate plant in Hefei, Anhui.

The efficiency of large LCD panels produced by the 10.5 generation factory is better than that of the 8.5 generation factory. The 8.5-generation plant can only produce 3 65-inch panels and 2 75-inch panels with a substrate utilization rate of 60%. The 10.5-generation substrate can produce 8 65-inch panels and 6 75-inch panels with a substrate utilization rate of 95 %. Not only that, the efficiency of 65-inch and 75-inch panels produced by the 10.5-generation factory is 2 to 3 times that of the 8.5-generation factory.

In addition, Corning plans to open another new 10.5-generation glass substrate plant in China in September. The plant is located in Guangzhou and will be supplied to Sharp’s Guangzhou 10.5-generation plant. TrendForce predicts that this year’s 65-inch and 65-inch and above TV panel shipments will increase by more than 30% compared to 2020.

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