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review three of the top 17 inch flat panel lcd monitors for home and business use

by:Kimeery     2020-04-11
In this article, we review the best 17 inch flat panel LCD display, looking at video input, screen type, resolution, MS response, features, energy consumption, price, of course, user comments on monitor issues.
Since the price of 19 and 17 inch monitors has dropped so much, 20 inch monitors are no longer always the first choice for home or commercial use, but if 17 inch is the size you need, for budget conscious consumers, we have three great options and they want to provide the best functionality and reliability for their money.
Acer V173b stock picture Acer V173bFirst, this 17 inch display is the best value for features for budget-tight buyers.
Acer V173b has gained a good reputation with user reviews from multiple sources, with reviewers scoring one of 5 points overall.
For your money, you get a 17 inch monitor with a width-to-width ratio of 4: 3, a resolution of 1280x1024, a response time of 5 MS and a viewing angle of 176 degrees, the contrast is built in speakers, weighing at 8. 5 lbs.
This is also in line with Energy Star standards.
For those who really lack desktop space, the tablet can be installed on the wall.
With VGA cable, power cord and CD with drive.
The prices of online channels vary, and Amazon\'s low price in January 26, 2009 was $99.
Up to $189.
User reviews think its color is good and there are few problems.
Some users point out that the color and brightness are not as expensive as the model, but others say the photos are always clear and bright.
Noting that the quality of speakers is not particularly high ,(
A comment says it\'s actually very poor
But its audio features won\'t decide to buy.
For a display that is most likely to be used for business, home office or homework, the user points out that the display is very valuable.
For a cheap, sturdy flat panel LCD with a 5 MS response time, when a regular monitor within this price range has an 8 MS response and has a 3 year warranty, bright Hub recommends Acer V173b as one of the top 3 options with minimal desktop space.
We recommend that you do a Google search to find which online dealer to offer the service at the lowest price.
ViewSonic VG730m stock imagesViewSonic VG730mViewSonic has a high reputation in the field of display, ViewSonic vg7 for enterprises and families without a large amount of desktop space
This 17 inch flat panel LCD display features a 4: 3 screen ratio, 1280x1024 resolution, 170 degree viewing angle, 600: 1 Contrast, 8ms response, built-in speakers, 3 year warranty, analog and digital video input, and the ability to adjust the height, tilt and spin to its Energy Star rating adds good ergonomics. It weighs 11. 1. pounds.
Google searches show sellers range from $119 to $169, with one claiming it will be down from $300, one user noted, they have found the display for sale for $110.
Google\'s search results for ViewSonic VG730m troubleshoot show only 43 items, and the check for these items shows a large number of items from the ViewSonic manual, including the troubleshoot section.
However, users have comments on both dead and stuck pixels.
Although it has VGA and digital input, it is only equipped with VGA cable, which is what the user thinks should be included.
You need a male-to-male partitionD cable.
For flat panel LCD displays in this size and price range, including digital inputs and speakers, it is possible to make ergonomic adjustments, the overall lack of user complaints makes ViewSonic VG730m a great choice for Bright Hub readers.
Be sure to search on Google and find the best prices at the moment.
On the second page of the first 3 17 inch monitors of this article, let\'s take a look at a widescreen monitor of the best value.
Widesscreeni wants to include a 17 inch widescreen monitor of the best value in this top 3 17 inch monitor review, I think choosing which widescreen display to use is longer than all the other research and writing I did in this article. Hanns-
G is not a well-known brand in the US as it is in Europe, but more and more nest online electronics stores have monitors from this company.
After looking at HP, Dell and Samsung\'s 17 inch widescreen, I found that users were very upset with these models in the range of less than $200. Hanns-
G. HW173DBB stock picture-
Specification is G HW173DBBLooking, Hanns-
G. HW 173DBB LCD widescreen flat panel with 1440x900 resolution is now 17 inch widescreen, 160 degree viewing range, 500: 1 Contrast, 8ms response, 3 year warranty simulation and digital input, tilt and Energy Star rating.
Despite the DIV input, it is only equipped with VGA and power cord. It weighs 7. 5 pounds.
MRP is $231 but online seller bought it for $115 for $125
$130 can often be found.
As at January 24, 2009, the price of Newegg was $115.
The price for Amazon is $125. com.
In terms of price, this is a good choice for homes and businesses that need reliable displays, who are not interested in using monitors for graphic games or photo editing.
A wide viewing angle is an asset to a widescreen that allows more than one person to easily view a spreadsheet or presentation on the screen.
It also allows home viewers who purchase DIV cables to watch widescreen movies using a display.
Over time, most users are very satisfied with the performance of the display, and those who do have problems are very satisfied with the 3-year warranty.
Many users commented that there were no dead pixels, and in a few reports most users were able to massage them away.
For those who don\'t, there are reports that Hanns-G.
Send several replacement monitors before the customer is satisfied.
There are a few users who are really frustrated with Hanns
G support, but most of it.
Among the occasional problems mentioned in user reviews that have been viewed more than 200 times, some are that when the picture first moves to a dark screen, there is a slight bleed at the bottom.
One user who commented on this said that the bleeding disappeared shortly after the screen changed, and in any case it was not the size or price range he was looking for a photo editing display.
A few months later, several other users mentioned a thin line of yellow or purple on the screen, but they were able to get satisfactory results from HannsG support.
Quite a few users have mentioned that they have purchased a large number of monitors.
Up to 30 units in one case
A few months later, they were still very happy with their decision.
Overall, this widescreen flat panel display of relatively unknown brands is very advantageous compared to well-known brands of this size and format, with fewer user issues and fewer complaints overall.
Wide angle and widescreen are clear assets, and the display has DIV function within this price range.
The resolution of the 17 inch widescreen flat panel LCD display is standard, and even if there are two pages side by side on the screen, the readability of the text is good.
If you want to install a 17 inch flat widescreen in a small space on your desk, Hanns-
It is recommended to use G HW173DBB for home and commercial use.
According to your needs, whether it is to provide a high-quality 17 inch flat panel display for your child\'s homework desk, or to set up an office at home, or to provide business, one of these bright hub options will meet your personal needs and wallet and provide you with peace of mind with a 3 year warranty.
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