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Row and column drive type of dot matrix LCD module

by:Kimeery     2021-09-03
What is the dot matrix graphics module? The dot matrix graphics module is a member of the dot matrix module family. Its main feature is the continuous arrangement of dot matrix pixels. There is no empty space between rows and columns in the process of arranging. So it can display continuous and complete graphics. In addition to displaying graphics, it can also display characters, because it is also composed of X-Y matrix pixels. The row and column drive type of the dot matrix graphic iphone LCD module must be connected with a dedicated controller. Its module is also equipped with a general row and column driver. This type of driver actually only has a general drive output for the pixel. Generally, there are only 4 or less signal input terminals, data input terminals, AC signal input terminals, latch input terminals, etc., such as IID66100, HD44100, etc. This kind of dot matrix module must be connected to the control circuit, such as SED1330, HD61830 Wait until you can connect to the computer. The number of such modules is the largest and the most common. Although it needs to use its own controller, it also leaves customers with the freedom and power to choose different controllers by themselves
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