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salvaging liquid crystal displays (lcds)

by:Kimeery     2020-03-13
Almost all electronics have some kind of human-machine interface, from flashing lights and beeps speakers to seven-segment alphanumeric and displays.
This note is about recycling and testing monitors and I know some tips to make recycling more successful. I salvage;
LCDs can run for $10 and components can become expensive.
Even the cost of SCRs and mosfet can exceed $100.
So I salvaged everything with reusable value and recyclables.
Scrap metals such as copper, gold, silver and aluminum can also bring you money.
To name just a few, displays can be found on CD players, phones, and printers.
In this note, I will disassemble the HP combo printer, scanner, fax machine.
The assorted cross ScrewdriversAssortedTorx tweezers LargeSoldering irronsmallering scanner and scanner are easy to disassemble, just remove the screws, remove the screws from the bottom cover of the theparts, and come back, at the bottom of the printer and scanner.
Even if the screws are removed, the plastic housing panels will be clipped together and the labels will hold them in place.
Work around the individual panels, find the tags and unlock them.
Plastic is recyclable and some plastic can be recycled, so don\'t throw the plastic in the garbage.
The control module of the printer scanner contains the control button and the display.
It is removed by removing the five screws on the back.
I split the parts into two groups, one for electronics, one for gold and one for mechanical equipment such as rails, gears and stepping motors.
Remembermetal is recyclable and almost all recyclers pay for scrap metal, so if you don\'t keep selling it.
Although the module looks different from the other tn stn fstn modules in this specification, it is connected in the same way during testing. Chip on Glass (COG)
The has a driver IC on the input pin or on the glass near the ribbonconnector (
Rectangle on glass near pins and ribbons)
They can be used for both serial data input and parallel data input such as TN, sn, and fstnmodule.
Many serial data entry llcd have the same number of pins as the parallel data entry , so for the cog , the datasheet is more important because when you just look at the , the purpose of the input is not easy to see.
In addition to the attached data sheet, there are also pin outputs for some COG displays, many of which are shown in part numbers such as the S161COG, 16x1 gear display 16x2 COG display, 6488l 128x64 graphic display.
The contrast circuit of the COG is the same as that of the TN, sn, fsn modules.
Pin16x2 character cog pin symbol function 1 VOUT DC/DC converter output 2 VC capacitor positive (-)
Side 3 VCC capacitor negative electrode (+)
Logic 5 VSS 0 v ground 6 SDA serial data input 7 serial clock 8 RST Reset signal L = active 8 Pin16x2 character cog pin symbol function 1 side 4 VDD power supply RST Reset signal L = logic 6 vout dc/DC converter output 7 VC capacitor positive () activity 2 cl serial clock 3 SDA serial data input 4 VSS 0 v ground 5 v-)
Negative electrode of 8-side VCC capacitor (+)
Left to right pin symbol function 1 VSS 0 v ground 2 VO contrast adjustment 3 VDD 3 or 5 V power 4 RS register select signal L = Instruction H = Data 5 R/W Read/Write select signal L = write H = Read 6 E enable signal 7 DB0 data bus 8 DB1 data bus 9 DB2 data bus 10 DB3 data bus 12 DB5 data bus 13 DB6 data bus 14 DB7 data bus this printer display is input to the circuit board in parallel, parallel data is input to the cog and I get the datasheet by reverse engineering the circuit board and checking the components.
I like to get my form from both sites: you can pull the directly, but it\'s hard to find the right ribbon socket, so all I need is a part of the board to use this cog and the rest is a ribbon socket. (
Inside the yellow rectangle)
I do this by putting my big soldering iron on the back of the board and when the solder melts I remove it from the socket.
The TN n and fn modules differ in appearance, but most modules have similar pin outputs that should run most TN n and fn modules.
10, 12, 14 and 16 needles 8x1, 8x2, 10x1, 10x4, 16X1, 16X2, 16x4, 20x2,20x 4, 24x2, 40x2 pin symbol function 1 VSS 0 v ground 2 VDD 3 or 5 V power supply 3 VO contrast adjustment 4 RS register select signal L = Instruction H = Data 5 R/W Read/ write select signal L = write H = Read 6 E enable signal 7 DB0 data bus 8 DB1 data bus 9 DB2 data bus 10 11 DB4 data bus 12 DB5 data bus 13 DB6 data bus 14 DB7 data bus 15 A/Vee backlight anode 4.
The 2 Volt 16k backlight cathode power GroundI uses the Arduino test module and checks the functionality to ensure they work properly, the connection and code for the 16x2, the 16-pin .
You can copy and paste the following code into the sketch:/* LiquidCrystal Library-
Hello World demonstrated the use of a 16x2 display.
The LiquidCrystal library works with all displays compatible with Hitachi HD44780 drives.
There are a lot outside, you can usually be in 16-pin interface.
Hello World, this sketch print!
\" display time.
Circuit: * rs pin to digital pin 12 * enable pin to digital pin 11 * D4 pin to digital pin 5 * D4 pin to digital pin 4 * D4 pin to digital pin 3 * D7 pin to digital pin 2 * R/W pin to ground * 10k resistor: * end to 5v and ground * wiper to VO pin (pin 3)
The library was initially increased by David A in April 18, 2008.
Meliscu was modified and fried by limmore on July 5, 2009 (
Tom Igoe added this sample code in July 9, 2009, and Tom Igoe modified this sample code in November 22, 2010.
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