Samsung Display Announces Extension of LCD Panel Production Time

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

On December 29, according to foreign media reports, due to increased demand, Samsung Display, a panel manufacturer under Samsung Electronics, announced today that it will extend the production time of LCD panels.

Although the company has extended the production time of LCD panels, the company said that how much time will be extended will depend on market conditions and profitability.

Previously, due to the fierce competition from Chinese brands, the shrinking of the TV market, the slowdown in demand for smart phones, and the rapid replacement of LCD panels by LCD for Samsung panels, Samsung Display is considering drastically reducing the production of LCD panels.

In September last year, the company said that it plans to invest 13 trillion won (approximately US$11 billion) to upgrade an LCD factory in South Korea to produce more advanced quantum dot screens.

In October last year, the company announced that it would suspend one of the two LCD production lines in South Korea due to declining demand and oversupply.

In March of this year, Samsung Display said that it will end all LCD panel production before the end of this year, including three large-size LCD panel factories in South Korea and Suzhou, which has not previously announced the closure of the factory. 8.5 generation line. It is reported that Samsung has been producing LCD panels in South Korea and China.

But now, due to increased consumer demand for home entertainment equipment during the new crown virus pandemic, the company announced that it will extend the production time of LCD panels for TVs and monitors.

TFT-LCD, AMOLED, and new display technologies including flexible displays, their basic technologies are all semiconductor technologies, which can be collectively referred to as semiconductor displays. Semiconductor display can be defined as a general term for display technologies that independently control each smallest display unit through semiconductor devices. (TechWeb)

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