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Samsung officially sells 7.5 and 8.5 generation LCD panel production lines

by:Kimeery     2021-06-08

Recently, Samsung Display (SDC) publicly sold off the 7.5 and 8.5 generation LCD panel production lines, and the registration for purchase applications was closed in late May.

According to the RUNTO WeChat public account report, the upstream and downstream information of the industry chain shows that SDC has officially launched one of its second-hand production lines G7.5 and G8.5, each with a production capacity of 30K. And 100K. The transaction is represented by Samsung Cu0026T (SCT), and it is planned to close the application for purchase in late May.

Samsung Display’s sales line and product introduction

The report said that the G7.5 and G8.5 LCD panel products sold by Samsung Cu0026T were commissioned by SDC this time. The line is located in the Asan Park. According to Samsung's internal manufacturing process and standard calculations, the production capacity is 30K and 100K respectively, but the actual purchased output and the number of equipment can be adjusted. According to Korean time, by late May, SDC will close the registration for purchase applications, and by mid-June until the first round of U.S. dollar quotation, the quotation method is Turn-Key Price. Buyers can pay in installments, but 100% T/T must be paid in full before the equipment is delivered.

In addition, in this transaction, according to Samsung's internal requirements, Samsung Cu0026C will be responsible for dismantling, moving out of the site, transporting, and storing the equipment to the Korean warehouse, but the buyer will bear the cost.

In terms of other trading conditions, the recipe information of the equipment will be deleted, and only the original Initial data will be retained; auxiliary equipment including pumps, coolers, etc. can be provided; no display technology patents are involved.

According to relevant information, the SDC sold this time should be L7-2 and L8-2-1. In Samsung’s large-size LCD production line layout, in the 7.5-generation line, L7-1 has been closed in 2012, while L7-2 has no glass substrates since March this year; in the 8.5-generation line, L8-1 It has been closed earlier, and the recent investment in L8-2 is not high, maintaining at around 60K per month; Samsung’s SSL 8.5-generation LCD production line in Suzhou, China has been acquired by Chinese panel manufacturer TCL Huaxing. (RUNTO Technology RUNTO)

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