Samsung sits firmly on the top of mobile phone panels, Chinese manufacturers doubled

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

With the popularity of full-screen mobile phones, the current smart phones on the market are basically notch screens, water drop screens or true full screens, and more and more mobile phones use OLED panels. This trend will continue. Go down.

In the field of mobile phone screens, Korean and Japanese manufacturers are still very competitive. Yonhap News quoted IHS Markit’s report and pointed out that the world’s top three smartphone screen suppliers from January to March this year are Samsung, JDI and The domestic BOE.

Samsung has focused on small and medium-sized LCD for Samsung panels in recent years and withdrew from LCD panels. In Q1, Samsung shipped US$3.4 billion worth of mobile phone panels. Although its market share fell by 6.6 percentage points, Samsung is still the world’s smartest The dominant mobile phone panel market share has not fallen below 40% in the past few years.

If only OLED panels are considered, Samsung’s lead will be even greater. Before domestic manufacturers had mass-produced OLED panels, Samsung’s OLED mobile phone panels accounted for more than 95%.

JDI ranked second with a 12.3% share in Q1. Although they are now behind bars, they are still confident. The supply of LCD panels to Apple’s iPhone XR also proves the quality of JDI’s LCD panels. Bad news That is, JDI's market share will continue to decline in the future.

BOE, the largest panel manufacturer in China, has caught up in the business of small and medium-sized mobile phone panels. Last year’s market share was only 6.5%, and it increased to 11.9% in Q1 this year. Considering that BOE’s LCD and LCD for Samsung production capacity is still In the continuous growth, the market share in Q2 will grow to 15.1%, surpassing JDI to become the world's second largest.

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