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Samsung stops LCD screen production, or will fully switch to quantum dot OLED

by:Kimeery     2021-06-04

According to Reuters, Samsung Display will stop producing traditional LCD screens by the end of this year, and the company is shifting the factory’s traditional LCD display production capacity to quantum dot-related products. In addition, the ZDNet report even pointed out that Samsung will completely abandon the LCD display panel market, including QLED quantum dots to enhance LCD display panels, and the focus of work after the readjustment is LCD for Samsung display panels. Such news means that after the end of this year, Samsung will no longer be a manufacturer in the LCD market.

According to reports, Samsung also had two LCD display panel production plants in South Korea last year and two in China. But by October 2019, one of South Korea’s LCD display panel production plants had ceased production, and due to low profits and the oversupply of traditional LCD display panels, Samsung has already planned production tasks for the other three plants.

After suspending the production of traditional LCD display panels, Samsung will shift its focus to quantum dot OLED display panels. Prior to this, Samsung has announced that they will invest up to US$11 billion in the production of QD-OLED. Now, with the reduction in production of traditional LCD display panels, this plan is gradually being implemented.

The report pointed out that one of South Korea’s two LCD production lines will be converted to produce displays and TVs with quantum dot-enhanced OLED panels. Samsung hopes that their huge investment will be rewarded, because compared with conventional OLED panels, this new technology is expected to provide unprecedented image quality and lower cost. At the same time, Samsung's long-term plan includes the construction of two QD-OLED production lines, although it is not clear whether this includes the company's Chinese factory.

In general, Samsung is neither the first nor the only manufacturer to reduce the output of LCD panels. LG Display has converted at least one of its LCD factories to LCD for Samsung production lines, and Panasonic last year decided to stop LCD production before 2021.

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