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Selection and use of LCD controller

by:Kimeery     2021-08-30
Q: What is the LCD controller and what is its purpose? A: The LCD controller is equivalent to the brain of the LCD screen. It controls what kind of content the screen displays. The LCD controller is used to control the LCD liquid crystal panel. It converts your digital signal into the state of each liquid crystal pixel. So you can see the image through the LCD. The LCD controller is essentially different from the LCD driver. Simply put, the function of the LCD controller in the embedded system is the same as the function of the graphics card in the computer. The LCD controller is responsible for transmitting the LCD graphic data in the video memory to the LCD driver and generating the necessary LCD control signals to control and complete a series of complex graphic display functions such as graphic display, flipping, superimposing, zooming, etc. . The LCD driver is only responsible for displaying the image data sent by the CPU on the LCD, and will not do any processing on the image. The role of LCD controller Q: Why use LCD controller for LCD screen and what are the advantages? A: 1. The LCD controller is compatible with various CPU interfaces 2. The LCD controller is compatible with various LCD module interfaces 3. The hardware completes complex image display functions (zoom, flip, overlay, dynamic, etc.) ) 4. To meet high-resolution display requirements Q: What are the common LCD control solutions? A: General LCD control solutions are divided into three categories: MCU interface controllers, multimedia interface controllers, and built-in panel controllers (ARM, IPC). Please refer to the website 'Solutions' for details. Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of different control schemes? A:1. MCU bus control: advantages: low cost, mature technology, easy to use. Disadvantages: Simple functions, limited to low and medium resolutions, and inconvenient product upgrades and transplants. 2. ARM solution: Advantages: direct control, few links, easy to transplant. Disadvantages: high technical threshold, limited to low and medium resolution 3. IPC embedded display control: advantages: direct control, few links, simple to use. Disadvantages: TTL signal transmission distance is limited, and it is inconvenient to replace the display and upgrade. It is currently limited to small and medium resolutions. 4. Multimedia interface control scheme (PCu0026Video interface): Advantages: suitable for multimedia display interface, flexible use, convenient transplantation, and wide control range. Disadvantages: The PC interface method increases links and costs, and it is slightly more difficult to adapt to non-standard signals. Not suitable for STN type liquid crystals. Q: I am using ARM7 to control TFT-LCD. Does your company have a corresponding controller? A: The MCU interface controller of our company can control TFT-LCD below 800×600. ARM7 can directly control this control to realize display through 8Bit data parallel port, and the operation is simple and convenient. Q: If you want to use labor to control TFT-LCD, what do you need to do? A:1. Determine the type of LCD you are using, such as resolution, etc.; 2. Determine whether the industrial control board supports the LCD you choose and whether it has the corresponding BIOS; 3. Determine the interface between the LCD and the industrial computer, and customize the corresponding Cable; 4. Power-on debugging, if there is a slight abnormality (after troubleshooting the cable problem), please contact the industrial control manufacturer to modify the corresponding BIOS. Q: What should I do if the industrial computer cannot directly control the TFT-LCD? A: If the industrial computer provides VGA signal, you can switch to control TFT-LCD through our multimedia interface controller. Q: Can the multimedia interface controller control SHARP LQ057? A: Yes, because the resolution of SHAPP LQ057 is 320*240, but Can receive 640*480 signals, so the PC interface controller LQ057 can only display 1/4Q of the signal: Does the multimedia interface controller support input signals? A: Support input signals: PC (VGA input), composite video, S-video, component video, etc. Q: Does the multimedia interface controller have a picture-in-picture function? A: Yes, it can realize picture-in-picture, picture-out-of-picture, and multi-screen display.
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