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serial interface lcd module lcd panel production process revealed

by:Kimeery     2020-04-30
Have you seen a LCD, friend?
Desktop TFT-NBLCD, ultra-
Portable DVD, DC, DV, PDA, mobile phone color board, LCD are everywhere, always have gorgeous colors and images to show you Hightech charm.
Although the LCD display has a wide range of applications, its production process is very complicated, the process technology is highly sophisticated, even less than the IC wafer manufacturing.
A few days ago, I was lucky enough to accept an invitation to visit the world\'s third-largest TFT-Minki.
The LCD display module factory of Suzhou Youda optoelectronic product line has a certain understanding of the \"assembly\" process of LCD LCD LCD panels, in which the author introduces if the criticism between readers and experts is inappropriate. The so-
Called \"module\" factory (LCM )
The liquid crystal display is the production process of the \"back end\". By definition, the word module is a combination of modules. It consists of three steps first: LCD panel LCD products (Cell)
, Conductive adhesive in different directions (ACF)
, Driver IC, flexible circuit board (FPC)
And PCB circuit board using a layer Press (
After the alchemy furnace, the temperature and pressure needed to be given to Lao Tzu during the period can train the eyes :)
Step 2: Next, assemble the frame of the finished iron with the lamp and light source behind;
Step 3: Aging treatment after a lot of testing is the \"LCD panel\" we see \".
In short, compared to the fifth
Generation panel factory in the sky
High investment prices (
Tens of billions of dollars)
Amazing area (
At least five balls)
And the demand for many precision equipment (
All in the US mainland embargo column)
The scale of the module factory is also insignificant in technology, but it is a great joy to enter the clean room in person. Before entering the store, bathing is not yourself.
But all electronic devices, including digital cameras and mobile phones, need to be filmed.
In the picture showing the whole production process, let\'s first look at the current LCD panel work, which can deepen our understanding of the factory. TFT-
LCD Display LCD screen principle is to drive the liquid crystal between the glass and the filter element through the formation of silicon glass electric field, in natural conditions, when the circuit on the liquid crystal layer applies the electric field, the liquid crystal molecules tilt in different directions, and then the liquid crystal acts like a switch, allowing light to pass through, so that the liquid crystal layer forms a different light effect to achieve the purpose of displaying different images.
So with this foundation, we first look at the production process. In the manufacturing process, the cost of \"manpower\" required in the assembly area and the packaging area is quite large, so it\'s no wonder that Taiwan, as a module of the mainland, prefers--
In addition to being close to customers, they can also greatly reduce costs.
First, introduce the production process of the conductive adhesive of the opposite sex in detail (ACF)
Attached: The conductive adhesive of the opposite sex used (
This can be seen as a double. sided adhesive)
Cell adhesion between IC and providing turns
And adhesive function;
The second is the integrated circuit (IC )
Pressure synergy industry, in order to achieve the purpose of current signal flow, the panel line and IC circuit are conducted through conductive particles.
Next is the flexible circuit board (FPC)Industry co-
Operating pressure: FPC is a flexible printed board, starting the signal from the connection, after this step, in order to successfully connect the signal conduction, we can make the panel laminated FPC and conductive particles line by line.
The last step is the lamination of the integrated circuit board (PCBA)
Lamination, through the steps that we can achieve two purposes, one can make the FPC and PCB circuits pass through the conductive particles, so that the current signal flows, and the other is by controlling the press time, to provide a certain temperature and pressure to the Machine Press, AFC can harden together in high temperature polymers and two different materials to provide sufficient working strength.
The next step will be an aging test, which is a \"bathtub curve\" that can expose the failure ahead of time, with less likely problems in life.
, J2 7 b8 h * G \"k aging test area, why should it be automated?
Mainly due to efficiency considerations, in addition to the thin LCD panel, there will be a little error, so the use of automation equipment to improve the yield.
Although the number of artificial components of assembled products is relatively large, the aging test is mainly based on mechanical equipment and staff monitoring.
The aging of the furnace on the LCD display screen should also be manually checked regularly.
The picture shows the old grate, like Lao Tzu\'s alchemy furnace.
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