Several common IC package types

by:Kimeery     2021-08-23
COB: COB is the English abbreviation of Chip On Board, it is another processing method of LCM drive circuit board. In this process, the bare chip is directly attached to the designated position of the PCB board with adhesive glue, the chip electrode is connected with the corresponding pad of the PCB board with aluminum wire through a welding machine, and then the chip and the aluminum wire are sealed and solidified with black glue. So as to realize the electrical and mechanical connection between the chip and the electrode of the circuit board. The process includes seven processes of sticking, curing, pressure welding, testing, sealing, curing and testing. The COB process uses small bare chips with high equipment accuracy. It is used to process PCB boards with more lines, finer gaps, and smaller area requirements. It has high reliability due to external damage, but it cannot be repaired after damage and can only be scrapped. COG: COG is the English abbreviation of Chip On Glass, which is a processing method that directly connects the LCD screen and the IC circuit. This process is to glue the LCD dedicated LSI-IC dedicated chip on a small area of u200bu200bthe LCD outer lead concentrated design, use the pressure welding wire to weld the terminals together as required, and then drop a drop of sealing glue on the top. , And the input terminal of the IC is also designed on the LCD outer lead glass, and is also pressure-welded to the input terminal of the chip. At this time, the chip-mounted LCD has constituted a complete LCD module. Just connect it with the PCB. The process mainly includes seven processes: screen placement, ACF placement, chip placement, alignment inspection, chip bonding, sealing, and inspection. COF: COF is the English abbreviation of Chip OnFilm. It is to press the integrated circuit chip to a soft film transmission belt, and then use an anisotropic conductive adhesive to connect the soft film transmission belt to the outer lead of the LCD screendevice. This method is mainly used for display systems that require a small volume. SMT: SMT is the English abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology, and the Chinese translation is surface mount technology. The SMT process is one of the manufacturing processes of the liquid crystal display drive circuit board (PCB board). It uses the placement equipment to attach the placement components (chips, resistors, capacitors, etc.) to the corresponding pad positions of the PCB board printed with solder paste It is a processing method in which components are soldered on the PCB board through reflow equipment. TAB: TAB is the abbreviation of Tape Automated Bonding in English. It is a processing method in which a flexible tape with a drive circuit is bonded through ACF (anisotropic conductive film) and hot pressed under a certain temperature, pressure and time to realize the connection between the screen and the drive circuit board. It mainly includes four processes of ACF pre-compression, alignment check, main pressure and detection.
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