Sony TV: New technology allows new OLED and LCD products to find their own owners

by:Kimeery     2021-05-27

On August 16, 2018, Sony held a new TV product launch conference in Shanghai, bringing a brand new 'Picture Truth Series' flagship products, including A9F LCD for Samsung and Z9F LCD TVs. Although the two TVs have different panel types, they are both equipped with Sony's latest X1 flagship processor to achieve higher picture quality. Interestingly, the price gap between the two flagship TVs is not big, which shows Sony’s determination to develop both OLED and LCD technology.

Hiro Takahashi (left) and Issey Kii (right)

After the meeting, Hiro Takahashi, Chairman and President of Sony (China) Co., Ltd. , Sony Vision’s vice president Issey Kii and his party were interviewed by the media, focusing on the Sony TV’s dual flagship strategy, the X1 flagship processor, and the new image quality technology. Let’s take a look at the details.

New products don’t just have a new name

This time Sony’s new TV is defined as the Master Series, which represents the high-end positioning of Bravia TV, so it integrates many new technology.

First of all, the 4K HDR image processing chip X1 flagship version can bring more delicate and realistic image effects, while the OLED and LCD versions have their own advantages, otherwise the A9F supports Pixel Contrast Booster (pixel-level contrast enhancement function), The Z9F uses the newly developed X-Wide Angle (wide-sharp viewing angle technology), which effectively improves the color cast problem of traditional LCD TV side viewing.

Z9F's dynamic backlight technology, A9F's screen sound field flagship version (in the center of the screen has been added Sony's self-developed and produced sound field driver and additional subwoofer), no matter which one These models are the result of years of technical accumulation of Sony TV.

In addition, in addition to display technology, when asked about artificial intelligence-related technologies that are being promoted by other brand products on the market, Sony said that in fact, 20 years ago, the first step was to develop chip technology. The deep memory chip has been taken into consideration, but it was not called AI at the time. Therefore, Sony believes that today's AI is just a means and gimmick for many companies to market.

For the Chinese market, Sony executives said that the Chinese market is very diversified, but Sony has limited resources and can only try to find one direction, which is the high-end market, to deliver 'moving' pictures and experience to users. In fact, the outstanding sales of Sony's Z series and A series in the Chinese market in recent years have proved that Sony's direction is correct.

We are not biased towards LCD for Samsung and LCD

Sony released the mid-range A8F at the China Home Appliance Expo (AWE) at the beginning of the year, which was well received. So after five months, the two models of A9F OLED TV and Z9F LCD TV were released at the same time. Does it mean that Sony is more inclined to develop OLED TVs?

Sony A9F

In response to this problem, Sony executives stated that the launch of A9F and Z9F at the same time is to show the market that Sony treats OLED and LCD products. Treat equally. In fact, they have their own merits, allowing users to find the most suitable one in a flagship series.

For example, if you want to see a beautiful photo, if the photo itself is relatively dark, the OLED TV can better present the black area; if the photo is relatively bright, then the LCD TV can Better present the bright parts. At the same time, both A9F and Z9F are equipped with Sony's latest X1 flagship processor, which can intelligently enhance image quality, and are equipped with Android 8.0 system and complete wireless connection functions. Users can choose different types of products according to their preferences.

Sony Z9F

Currently, A9F OLED TV and Z9F LCD TV have started pre-sales, and the official price is KD-75Z9F at RMB 31,999. ; KD-65Z9F is priced at 19,999 yuan; KD-65A9F is priced at 32,999 yuan and KD-55A9F is priced at 22,999 yuan. The price difference is not big. Of course, OLEDs are slightly smaller due to the cost of the panel, but this differentiation strategy It is also easier for users to make choices. In addition, the previous OLED flagship A1 gradually faded out of the market, forming a layout of A8F and A9F radiating mid-range and high-end markets.

The best time to promote 8K products has not yet come

When talking about whether there will be 8K TV release and promotion plans in the next 1-2 years, Sony executives said that although Sony’s 8K TV prototype was shown at CES this year, but it’s too early for commercial use. In fact, at CES, Sony demonstrated more of the X1 chip flagship version's ability to process 8K HDR content, proving its strong processing performance. With the support of image technology, the launch of 8K TV products is only a matter of market timing.

In addition, at present, most consumers of new technologies such as OLED and 4K HDR have not actually been exposed to it, and there is still ample room for choice. At least for the moment, the consumer TV market does not need to be expensive, Content-scarce 8K TV. Of course, Sony will definitely launch 8K TVs in the future, but the best time has not yet arrived.

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