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South Korea Airport LG OLED TV burns screen! Has been replaced with an LCD screen

by:Kimeery     2021-05-26

On May 29th, foreign media reported earlier this month that LG's 2018 new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV installed at Incheon Airport in South Korea had burn-in problems. The latest foreign media reported that, This OLED TV has been replaced with an LCD screen TV.

Replaced LG LCD TV

Informed sources said that LG Electronics replaced this OLED TV with burn-in problems with LG Super Ultra HD LCD style. Screen burn means that if a still image is displayed on the screen for a long time, it will leave an afterimage.

According to people familiar with the matter, LG Electronics originally planned to replace it with a new OLED TV, but was worried that this would not solve the fundamental problem of burn-in, and eventually replaced the LCD screen.


This LCD for Samsung product is LG's new model in 2018. It was installed at the beginning of the year. It is mainly used to display flight information, although the page information is frequently switched , But the top navigation bar is basically unchanged. As shown in Figure 2, a thin white horizontal line runs through the top of the screen.

Foreign media said that in order to promote the 2018 new LCD for Samsung TVs, LG installed 40 OLED TVs in the lounge of the T2 terminal of Incheon Airport.

LG has always stated that its OLED TV can be used for 30,000 hours without burning the screen. Take 8 hours of watching a day as an example, you can watch ten years. OLED has self-luminous characteristics and does not require a backlight. Each pixel of it can control the brightness by itself, so it will not reduce the brightness due to the reduction of the aperture ratio, and can easily achieve 8K ultra-high resolution display.

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