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south korean display in concern as lcd panel prices drop

by:Kimeery     2020-04-06
By AsiaToday reporter Ji
With the price of LCD panels falling, the attention of Korean display panel manufacturers, including Samsung monitors and LG monitors, is also growing.
These companies seem to feel the huge burden of driving OLED sales as the LCD industry\'s down cycle is expected to continue until the second quarter of next year, and Chinese competitors are chasing them closely.
According to market research firm WitsView on Monday, the price of LCD panels for televisions, monitors and laptops fell by 2 in the second half of this month. 7%, 0. 5%, and 0.
6% respectively.
In particular, as the LCD industry enters the downward cycle, the display industry has been worried about the downturn in 3Q earnings.
LG Display in particular, with 90% of its sales coming from LCD, is expected to be hit hard for a long time.
The offensive supply of Chinese display manufacturers appears to have had a negative impact on the company\'s revenue.
The central bank aims to produce 65-inch and above-
TV panel size after 10 investment. 5th-generation.
Therefore, many industry observers believe that China will catch up with the production capacity of Korean LCD monitors within this year.
WitsView expects 2017 of LCD panel production in South Korea to drop to 28 units.
8% from 34.
1% last year.
By contrast, China\'s supply is expected to reach 35.
30 to 7%
The market was dominated 1% a year ago.
In addition, Innolux and other large LCD panel manufacturers in Taiwan are also increasing production capacity.
As a result, Taiwan\'s LCD capacity is expected to rise slightly to 29.
8% from 28.
9%, second place beyond South Korea.
Ultimately, South Korea is expected to hand over its official status to China within 12 years.
\"China is overtaking South Korea through low-cost sales,\" an industry insider said . \"
High quality LCD monitor and try to change its customer base by importing LCD monitor from Taiwan.
\"After all, domestic companies must be competitive in the OLED space.
However, LG Display only accounts for about 10% of OLED.
Therefore, LG Display plans to invest 15 trillion won by 2020 to increase its OLED capacity.
It is also in talks with the government to approve the establishment of a new OLED plnat in Guangzhou, China.
On the other hand, the Samsung Display has successfully added the OLED part to its display panel.
An industry insider said, \"We successfully increased Samsung Display\'s share of OLED sales to more than 60% in the second quarter.
\"The article was originally published in the Asian daily. (
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