Stop playing! LG has stopped producing LCD panels for the iPhone

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

On the evening of January 20, it was reported that LG Display has stopped producing LCD panels for the iPhone, and related production lines will switch to producing automotive screens. In the future, iPhone SE will use LCD screens from JDI and Sharp.

Reported that LG Display's previous factory that produced LCD panels for the iPhone will switch to producing automotive display panels. In the third quarter of last year, LG Display’s AP3 production line in Gumi, South Korea, stopped producing iPhone LCD panels. In the fourth quarter, the production line also stopped producing display panels for other mobile phone manufacturers.

For LG Display, the profitability of the LCD production line for iPhone has been very low. In addition, Apple has also used OLED panels in the iPhone 12 series. This year, the sales of the OLED version of the iPhone will also exceed the sales of the LCD version of the iPhone.

Apple’s LCD model iPhone SE launched last year will use JDI and Sharp’s LCD panels. LG Display had previously tried to provide LCD panels for the 2019 iPhone SE, but it failed.

It used to be the main supplier of iPhone screens

LG Display used to be the main supplier of iPhone screens, together with Samsung to provide screens for Apple, and Apple benefited from having two companies At the same time meet its technical and batch requirements.

However, when the iPhone X started using OLED screens, the situation changed. Regarding the industry trend of transition from LCD to OLED, LG Display realized very late, and it was not prepared for Apple's transition. This makes Samsung the sole supplier of screens for Apple's flagship mobile phones for a period of time.

Of course, LG Display eventually managed to catch up and won Apple’s OLED order. However, LG Display later encountered technical problems, making Samsung still maintain its leading position in technology.

Focus on automotive displays

Today, the AP3 production line will focus on the production of automotive displays, using low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) thin film transistor (TFT) technology. Compared with amorphous silicon (a-Si) TFT, LTPS TFT has advantages in manufacturing larger panels, the latter is mainly used for 7-inch to 8-inch navigation products.

Currently, most car LCD monitors above 20 inches use LTPS TFT technology. LG Display produces a-Si LCD panels at its P5 plant, while its automotive LCD for Samsung panels are produced at its E5 plant. It is expected that LG Display will reduce its a-Si business due to increasingly fierce competition from rivals such as BOE and AUO.

Data shows that for 9-inch or larger automotive displays, LG Display has a market share of 24.9%, followed by JDI and BOE, with market shares of 14.6% and 13.9%, respectively. . In addition, Tianma ranked fourth with a share of 9.8%, and AUO ranked fifth with a share of 8.9%. (Sina Technology)

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