Supplier JDI's ultra-low yield rate, LCD screen iPhone, will be delayed

by:Kimeery     2021-05-29

Previously, Morgan Stanley’s report predicted that in the fourth fiscal quarter of this year, Apple’s performance is expected to be lower than previous market expectations due to the 6.1-inch LCD screen backlight problem, and the iPhone device mass production date may be postponed by one. Time of month.

Recently, Japanese media broke the news that because the LCD screen supplier Japan Display Inc (JDI) had an ultra-low yield rate during mass production, the new 6.1-inch iPhone might have to wait until the end of November at the earliest. Shipment. If the report is true, then the 6.1-inch iPhone will not go on sale until December.

This fall, Apple will launch three new iPhones of different sizes. In addition to the upgraded version of the current iPhone X (5.8 inches), there is also an iPhone with a 6.5-inch LCD for Samsung panel. X Plus and a new machine equipped with a 6.1-inch liquid crystal panel (LCD).

It is reported that Apple’s 6.1-inch new machine will be equipped with JDI’s Full Active LCD panel product that uses the third-generation Pixel Eyes touch sensing system and can achieve a 4-sided ultra-narrow bezel design. However, the production accuracy of this LCD panel product is very high. The yield rate when JDI started mass production in July was only 1%. Therefore, the new 6.1-inch model may not be shipped until the end of November 2018 at the earliest. The sale time may be postponed to December.

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