TCL/China Star Optoelectronics demonstrates its ability to produce AMOLED and LCD perforated screens

by:Kimeery     2021-05-29

TCL’s display panel division demonstrated its ability to produce AMOLED screens and their screens containing a perforated front camera at MWC 2019. CSOT is the display department of TCL. It is not only responsible for TCL's own products, but also for TCL's sub-brands, such as Alcatel and BlackBerry.

The newly displayed AMOLED screen is 6.2' 2960x1440 (531ppi), with a peak brightness of 430nits. CSOT seems to be using some kind of self-designed DDIC (but it may also come from Synaptics, the news is unconfirmed), this is A key component in AMOLED screens, because it represents a major obstacle to breaking through LCD for Samsung display technology. Synaptics recently provided OLED DDIC to make panel manufacturers such as BOE a viable choice for smartphone manufacturers.

In addition to new OLED panels In addition to the news, CSOT also demonstrated a new LCD screen model with a front camera perforated design. Of course, it is not yet converted into a product that can be purchased directly. At MWC, the company just wants to demonstrate its ability to use this technology.

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