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TCL Huaxing 8.6 generation LCD production line details exposed: investment of over 30 billion yuan, monthly production capacity of 204K

by:Kimeery     2021-06-04

Recently, it has been reported that TCL Huaxing plans to build a 8.5-generation LCD production line in Guangzhou, which is not actually an 8.5-generation line. Jiwei reporter just got the news that TCL Huaxing plans to build an 8.6-generation IPS LCD production line in Guangzhou, with a monthly production capacity of 204K and a total investment of more than 30 billion yuan.

According to supply chain sources, TCL Huaxing Guangzhou’s 8.6-generation IPS LCD production line will plan some IGZO LCD production capacity in addition to a-Si LCD production capacity. It is expected to be piling in March next year and be completed in September 2022. Put into production.

It is understood that after acquiring Samsung’s 8.5-generation line in Suzhou, TCL Huaxing already has 3 8.5-generation LCD panel production lines, 2 6-generation lines and 2 11-generation LCD panel production lines, mainly producing VA LCD or AMOLED , Which can respond to the demand of the TV LCD panel market, but IT giants such as Lenovo, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard tend to use IPS LCD panels.

In order to expand the IT application market, TCL Huaxing must introduce an IPS LCD panel production line. The source revealed to the Jiwei reporter that TCL Huaxing previously wanted to make up for some of the deficiencies of IPS LCD panels through the acquisition of CLP Panda, because Nanjing CLP Panda’s 8.5-generation line has a monthly production capacity of 30K IPS LCD, but it was eventually acquired by BOE. TCL Huaxing even tried to acquire LG Display's 8.5-generation IPS LCD production line in Guangzhou, but LGD currently has no intention of selling it. After the failure of the two major acquisitions, TCL Huaxing considered building its own IPS LCD production line.

Jiwei Consulting analyst pointed out that if TCL Huaxing Guangzhou’s 8.6-generation IPS LCD production line is completed and put into production, it will form a positive competition with LGD and BOE’s IT panel business, and will oppose AUO, Innolux’s 5.5-generation line or The IT panel order of the 6th generation line poses a threat, because the 8.6 generation IPS LCD production line is more efficient than the 5.5 generation line and the 6 generation line, and the number of slices is more. (Jiwei network)

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