TCL Huaxing and Samsung jointly create! The world's most high-end LCD panel is stunningly launched

by:Kimeery     2021-06-08

On August 5th, Samsung held a global new product launch conference and launched a variety of new products including Samsung Note20 series and Samsung ZFold2, which can be described as full of highlights. Among them, the Galaxy Tab S7 is equipped with an 11-inch incell LCD high-end display independently developed by TCL Huaxing. It is also the only flagship product with a non-Samsung display among the new products released this time.

According to the introduction, this is the world’s first 120Hz incell product, the world’s first hardware low blue light LCD flat panel display, with an 11-inch large display size , Screen aspect ratio 16:10, with ultra-narrow frame design, with ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, bringing stunning visual effects

TCL Huaxing said that under WQXGA resolution, it is the first to use In cell technology on LTPS LCD products. Its display and touch integrated design reduces the thickness of the screen while also making the design of the whole machine lighter and thinner. Reduce the discomfort of users during long-term use, making it more suitable for light office and business trips, allowing users to complete daily tasks in a smarter and smoother way anytime, anywhere.

TCL China Star provides Tab S7 with a 120Hz refresh rate gaming screen. At the same time, in order to display the picture quality at 120Hz without loss, it will restore the real scene for users 100%, and abandon the traditional D-Phy+DSC. Compressed data transmission method, the world's first use of 2 port +MIPI C-PHY uncompressed transmission method, allowing players to enjoy a silky smooth visual feast in all kinds of action and competitive games, also feel the smooth flow of water Operating experience.

It is reported that the Tab S7 LCD display adopts the low blue light eye protection technology independently developed by Wuhan Huaxing. The display has obtained a number of authoritative certification certificates from world-renowned third-party testing and certification organizations, namely, TüV Rheinland and Eyesafe jointly launched the world's first Eyesafe Display certificate, and SGS's domestic first Low Blue Light certificate.

TCL Huaxing low blue light technology redshifts the main wavelength of blue LEDs, greatly reducing the energy output of harmful blue light in the 415nm~455nm band, reducing harmful blue light to less than 50%, and reducing short-wavelength blue light damage from the source. While ensuring the ultimate picture quality, it can effectively reduce human eye fatigue and protect consumers' visual health.

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