TCL Huaxing: It is expected to launch LCD full-screen single-point in-screen fingerprint technology this year

by:Kimeery     2021-06-08

TCL China Star issued a document on its official WeChat account that TCL China Star has successfully developed an under-screen fingerprint product suitable for LCD panels in 2019 and is expected to launch in-screen fingerprint technology this year. It is reported that the fingerprint recognition under the screen is a hidden fingerprint recognition design, and the finger can be unlocked by directly pressing the designated area of u200bu200bthe screen. It is mainly based on the method of optically collecting fingerprint patterns for recognition.

TCL Huaxing said that in order to overcome the fingerprint technology under the LCD screen, the company spent two years. The Ru0026D team has successfully solved the development of BLU films and the improvement of TPM brightness through continuous reforms and attempts on the LCD backlight board. , Infrared sensor recognition accuracy improvement and other problems, developed an under-screen fingerprint solution suitable for LCD panels, LCD panel + under-screen fingerprints that can clearly see fingerprint images, and rapid identification of fingerprints under LCD screen, multiple applications for off-screen fingerprints Over 30 patented fingerprint technologies have been accumulated.

At present, Wuhan Huaxing LCD screen fingerprint technology has reached the level of mass production.

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