TCL Huaxing Launches In-cell Active Pen LCD Screen

by:Kimeery     2021-06-08

Recently, TCL Huaxing 10.95' screen equipped with In-Cell active pen technology passed the WPGLV1 certification of Wacom and the MPP2.5 certification of Microsoft (both of the four major global mainstreams). One of the solution providers).

Compared with the general stylus, the active capacitive pen has higher accuracy, lower delay, faster response speed and better writing experience Really, therefore, a screen that can be adapted to the active pen has become one of the core selling points of high-end flat panel products.

According to the official introduction, in a frame rate display time, TCL Huaxing flat panel LCD adopts LTPS Technology has less demand for Display driving time, and can provide enough time for active pen recognition, breaking the technical bottleneck of the In-Cell active pen in the tablet industry, bringing a better user experience, and bringing a wider range of tablet customers Application space.

Thanks to the leading In-Cell technology, TCL Huaxing screen has high precision and real pressure experience when writing with active pen, which can perfectly simulate the thickness of handwriting. At the same time, thanks to the high screen The SNR level enables the active pen to have sensitive tilt sensing and floating touch, which can simulate the real feeling and effect of writing on paper when writing and drawing, meeting professional needs such as painting, and bringing users a smooth writing that is comparable to paper writing. Experience.

Under WQXGA resolution, TCL Huaxing is the first to use In-Cell technology on 120hz LCD products. The realization of this technology enables TCL Huaxing products to maintain a smooth display without additional The touch sensor panel can be made lighter and thinner. At the same time, the edge accuracy of the screen will be better, and the function expansibility will be significantly improved. These improvements can reduce the discomfort of the user during long-term use and make it more It is suitable for light office and business trips, allowing users to complete daily tasks in a smarter and smoother way anytime, anywhere.

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