TCL Huaxing launches self-developed NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut LCD display technology

by:Kimeery     2021-06-04

On March 4th, TCL Huaxing officially issued a statement saying that recently, TCL Huaxing successfully launched its self-developed NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut LCD display technology, which can effectively enhance the product color gamut and achieve a purer and brighter color gamut. Color performance brings users a more realistic picture quality experience.

LCD color gamut development trend

Currently, the common color gamuts of LCD mobile phone displays are sRGB* (NTSC 70.8%), NTSC 85% and DCI -P3* (NTSC 96%), while the color gamut of LCD for Samsung mobile phone displays is mostly between NTSC 100%-110%, which is more colorful than conventional LCD mobile phones. In order to bring consumers a more amazing experience, TCL Huaxing quickly launched the NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut project, with the goal of increasing the LCD color gamut to NTSC 110%, which is better than conventional OLED color performance.

Real shots of samples with different color gamuts

After continuous exploration and repeated experiments and verification by Ru0026D personnel, the NTSC 110% ultra-high color was finally successfully developed Domain panel. Put the real samples of NTSC 110%, sRGB, DCI-P3 color gamut together for visual comparison. In the color display, you can clearly feel that the color of the ultra-high color gamut NTSC 110% sample is purer, brighter, and closer to the natural world. Real colors.

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