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TCL Huaxing LCD high-end display to supply Lenovo

by:Kimeery     2021-06-08

Recently, TCL Huaxing’s official Weibo post confirmed that many Lenovo notebooks use Huaxing Optoelectronics screens. Among them, ThinkPad T14 and ThinkPad X1 Yoga are equipped with a 14-inch UHD LCD high-end display independently developed by TCL Huaxing, and Yoga Duet 2020 is equipped with TCL Huaxing 13-inch WU+ LCD high-end display.

TCL China Star also specifically talked about the 14-inch UHD LCD high-end display and 13-inch WU+ LCD high-end display on Lenovo notebooks:

First, the 14-inch UHD LCD high-end display It has a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, 1.07 billion colors are presented in detail, and the picture is delicate and beautiful, which is like a shocking experience of being in a real scene.

TCL Huaxing 14-inch module has a brightness of up to 500 nits. With IPS wide viewing angle technology, it is still clearly visible under strong outdoor light. It meets the HDR400 standard, allowing the picture to be communicated in the process Presents stunning brightness, contrast and fascinating brilliant colors, bringing users a lifelike visual experience.

Next is the 13-inch WU+ LCD high-end display, which has a resolution of 2160x1350, has extremely low power consumption, and meets Intel LPDT2.1, 100% sRGB high color gamut , High brightness 450 nits, golden ratio 16:10 and other characteristics.

Under the 2160x1350 resolution, the picture is exquisite and outstanding. TCL Huaxing adopts Panel and backlight ultra-low power consumption technology on LTPS LCD products, which makes the whole machine more power-saving.

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