TCL Huaxing Notebook obtains Eye Comfort Display from TüV Rheinland Display

by:Kimeery     2021-06-08

On August 31, 2020, TCL Huaxing was awarded the world’s first Eye Comfort Display (LCD) by the international independent third-party testing, inspection and certification organization TüV Rheinland Group (hereinafter referred to as TüV Rheinland). Certification certificate.

This certification is another authoritative certification after TCL China Star obtained the world’s first Eyesafe and TüV Rheinland hardware-level low blue light dual certification in May this year. This certification proves the health and eye protection of our domestic LCD panels. The level has reached the world advanced level. Representatives such as Zhang Feng, general manager of TCL Huaxing LTPS business department, Li Zhifu, deputy general manager of LTPS business department, Liu Xiqiang, deputy general manager of TüV Rheinland Shanghai, and Li Xuan, manager of TüV Rheinland Wuhan branch attended the certification ceremony.

Photos of the certification ceremony site

TCL Huaxing 14.0 3K Notebook obtained international certification


TCL China Star 14.0 3K Notebook greatly reduces the proportion of blue light harmful to the eyes, while ensuring the ultimate picture quality, it better protects the visual health of consumers.

TCL Huaxing eye comfort technology

High-quality display:

Through the LCD color gamut coverage improvement and software debugging, the screen has a better High color accuracy and perfect gray scales maintain a complete display color gamut, so as to achieve a high degree of picture reproduction and restore the true-to-life colors of the display.

Ambient light management:

Special surface treatment is achieved through adjustment of materials and LCD manufacturing processes to reduce ambient light reflection and ensure readability under sunlight and various indoor ambient lighting And color performance.

Eye protection technology:

TCL Huaxing low blue light technology redshifts the main wavelength of blue LEDs, reducing harmful blue light below 50%, and reducing the root cause of short-wavelength blue light damage. The proportion of harmful blue light in 14.0 3K Notebook is 39% (the proportion of harmful blue light in conventional LCD panels is ~60%), which can greatly reduce human eye damage while ensuring the ultimate picture quality.

In addition to the hardware-level low blue light, the screen uses full-brightness DC dimming to eliminate high-frequency strobes and effectively relieve visual fatigue.

Zhang Feng said at the certification ceremony: 'TüV Rheinland is a highly influential third-party certification body in the world. At present, the two sides have cooperated for more than two years. The TüV Rheinland Eye comfort display certification has further consolidated TCL Huaxing’s leading position in the field of low blue light technology demonstrates the high quality and sustainable development of our products. We will also continue to devote ourselves to providing solutions for visual health display. We look forward to closer cooperation between our two parties in the future!'< /p>

Li Zhifu said at the certification ceremony: 'In May this year, TCL Huaxing obtained its first batch of Eyesafe and TüV Rheinland hardware-level low-blue light dual certifications on Tablet and Notebook products, followed by Notebook products in July. Won the first Eye Comfort Display certificate in the TFT-LCD industry again. This certification is a milestone for health and eye care products. It symbolizes that TCL Huaxing's research in the field of visual health has reached a new level, indicating that TCL Huaxing attaches great importance to the health and safety of consumers. TCL Huaxing will adhere to the principles of high quality and sustainable development of products to provide consumers with visual health displays.'

Liu Xiqiang said at the certification ceremony:' Eye Comfort Display (LCD) certification is the highest level of certification by TüV Rheinland in the field of display screens. TüV Rheinland is pleased to witness that TCL China Star has passed this certification, reflecting its health and safety for end consumers Pay attention. Looking forward to more cooperation between the two parties in the field of health and eye care in the future, to provide consumers with a better user experience.'

TCL China Star has always been concerned about the impact of displays on visual health and is committed to serving consumers Provide green, healthy and safe display solutions. TCL Huaxing took the lead in launching low blue light and Eyesafe products, and further optimized and developed eye-comfortable display products with low reflection, no flicker, high color accuracy, and high color gamut coverage to protect consumers' visual health .

Mobile phones and tablets using TCL Huaxing's low blue light display have been successfully launched in the second half of this year. In addition, TCL Huaxing laptop products have also reached cooperation with world-renowned brands, and the corresponding products will be launched on the market soon, so stay tuned!

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