TCL Technology: Affected by the shortage of chip/glass substrate supply, LCD panel prices remain firm in the first half of the year

by:Kimeery     2021-05-27

On March 11, at the 2020 performance briefing meeting, TCL Technology COO and CFO Du Juan said that due to the shortage of chip and glass supply and delays in the launch of new production capacity this year, the LCD panel market continues to be tight, and the first half of the year is expected. Product prices remained firm, and supply and demand were roughly balanced in the second half of the year.

Liao Qian, senior vice president of TCL Technology and secretary of the board of directors, pointed out that the price fluctuations of large-size display panels from the end of 2019 to the present, coupled with the short-term impact of the epidemic at the beginning of this year, has accelerated the withdrawal of backward industrial production capacity, and Korean manufacturers will strategically exit In the field of liquid crystal display, Taiwanese manufacturers are gradually transforming from TV to it products such as monitors, and the trend of the display industry’s country shift is obvious; TCL Huaxing continues to promote lean production, in terms of semiconductor display industry scale, mass production technology application and supporting supply chain capabilities , Has built a world-leading competitiveness. As the world’s highest-generation lines t6 and t7 are put into production one after another, Huaxing’s scale, efficiency, and technical advantages are further highlighted. With the continuous improvement of future production capacity and operating net cash flow, TCL has a strong and stable Industry integration capabilities.

Currently, TCL Huaxing's t1, t2 and t6 factories have maintained full sales and full production, and the t7 factory has been successfully put into production. The company has increased its market share of TV panels to the second place in the world, and its 55-inch product share is the first in the world, 32-inch The world's second-largest product share, with 65-inch and 75-inch products currently ranking second in the world. In the field of commercial display, interactive whiteboard shipments have become the world's first, and the market share of products such as rail transit and e-sports has increased rapidly.

The t3 production line achieved the world's third largest shipment of LTPS mobile phone panels. The medium-sized business imported a number of brand customers for high-end laptops, tablets and car displays. The business quickly broke through, and the shipments of LTPS laptop panels Ranked second in the world. The first phase of the t4 flexible AMOLED production line has achieved full production, and the second and third phases of equipment are being moved in one after another; folding screens and double curved screens have completed the delivery and volume of brand manufacturers, and are gradually introducing global first-line brand customers. (Jiwei)

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