TFT LCD LCD panel manufacturers dominate the fingerprint recognition technology under the FoD screen is brewing

by:Kimeery     2021-06-04

Fingerprint recognition technology under the TFTFoD screen is taking shape. Full-screen mobile phones have driven the rapid development of in-display fingerprint recognition technology. At present, the fingerprint recognition technology under the two major screens includes fingerprint recognition under optical screens and fingerprint recognition under ultrasonic screens, which have been officially introduced by major brands. The supply chain has also taken shape. However, there is also a new type of fingerprint recognition technology under the screen of FoD (Finger printon display) developed by TFT LCD panel manufacturers.

The penetration rate of fingerprint recognition under the screen has increased, and it will challenge 30% in 2021 at the fastest.

The market research organization IHS predicts that the fingerprint recognition technology under the screen was launched in 2018 and is expected to be available this year. More and more feasible technologies have been introduced into products and tested one after another. As soon as 2020, the penetration rate is expected to increase rapidly. It is estimated that the penetration rate of under-screen fingerprint recognition in mobile phone screens may challenge 30% in 2021 and 2022. Based on the 1.6 billion global mobile phone market, more than 5 mobile phones will introduce fingerprint recognition technology under the screen.

Fingerprint recognition under ultrasonic and optical screens, the supply chain is shaped separately

At this stage, the fingerprint recognition technology under the two big screens includes ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint recognition technology and With the fingerprint recognition technology under the optical imaging screen, the supply chain has gradually taken shape from upstream chip manufacturers to downstream major brand manufacturers.

Among them, the fingerprint recognition technology under the ultrasonic screen is jointly developed by the communication chip manufacturer Qualcomm and the touch solution manufacturer GIS-KY Yecheng Technology. China's OFILM and Qualcomm Technology are authorized to promote at the same time, and obtain Samsung The introduction of the flagship model, although the structure is simple, but the manufacturing technology is more difficult, and the cost is also high. The initial stage is to lock high-end mobile phones, and then establish the direction of expansion in the middle and high-end.

Fingerprint recognition technology under the optical screen is less technically difficult. At present, manufacturers invest the most in the upstream and downstream supply chain. With the introduction of Huawei, OPPO and other major mobile phone manufacturers in China, the application has developed The speed seems to be the fastest, and it has the opportunity to expand simultaneously from the high-end, mid- to high-end, and even mid-level markets.

The main upstream IC chip suppliers for fingerprint recognition technology under optical screens include Goodix, which was invested by MediaTek, China Factory Silimicro, Taiwan Factory Aegis, Duntai, etc. There are many LCD for Samsung panels in China. Panel factories can supply them, and the main entry points for optical lenses include Xinjuke, Advanced Optical, Largan, Yujingguang, etc.

TFT LCD integrates fingerprint recognition under the FoD screen to increase added value

However, no matter what kind of fingerprint recognition technology under the screen, it must be produced under the LCD for Samsung panel structure. If the TFT LCD panel Manufacturers can only provide TFT LTPS backplanes. As far as the existing huge TFT LCD panel production capacity is concerned, even if the plant equipment has been depreciated, the benefits for manufacturers are limited. Therefore, how to improve the added value of small and medium-sized panels and mobile phone panels is an important topic for TFT LCD panel manufacturers.

In order to maintain the living space and increase the added value of the existing TFT LCD mobile phone panels, in fact, there are already several TFT LCD LCD panel manufacturers, including Shenzhen Tianma and AUO recently. The new generation of fingerprint recognition technology under the FoD screen on the back panel, that is, a layer of TFT image sensor is directly added to the TFT back panel.

Although adding this layer of image sensor on the TFT LCD backplane, it is estimated that 10 more masks may be added to the panel manufacturing process. If you look at the current LCD for Samsung backplane LTPS, there are already 10-15 masks. , Plus 10 masks to make the image sensor may cause the yield to be too low. However, if a-Si is used as the backplane and 10 masks are added to make the image sensor, there may be an opportunity to reduce the impact of the yield problem and gradually show the advantages of fingerprint recognition technology under the TFT FoD screen.

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