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According to the driving method, the most common LCD panel is currently the TFT (Thin Film Transistor) type driver. It relies on active switching to achieve independent and precise control of each pixel, so compared with the previous passive drive (pseudo-color), it can achieve a more refined display effect. Therefore, many display devices such as liquid crystal displays, mobile phones, and LCD TVs now use TFT drives. Many liquid crystal displays use a narrow viewing angle TN mode, while LCD TVs use a wide viewing angle IPS mode. They are usually called TFT-LCD. The main constituent materials of TFT-LCD are LED Light Bar, light guide plate, polarizing plate, filter plate, glass substrate, alignment film, liquid crystal material, thin film transistor, etc. First of all, the LCD screenhas to rely on the backlight to project the light source, and then these light sources will pass through a polarizing plate and then through the liquid crystal. At this time, the polarization angle of the light propagating through the liquid crystal will be changed by the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules. After the polarization angle of the light is changed, it must pass through the front color filter film and another polarizing plate to be controlled. The intensity and color of the last light, we can only change the voltage value applied to the liquid crystal to achieve control, and then we can change a variety of color combinations of different tones on the liquid crystal panel
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