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The auto repair master tells you that the repair method of the car radiator fan failure is enough

by:Kimeery     2020-03-17
In summer driving, in addition to paying attention to the road conditions at all times, you also need to endure the hot high temperature. If the car radiator fan fails at this time, it will be incredible! Having said that, after the problem of the car radiator fan, how should the auto repair master repair it? Today's small edition brings you the maintenance method of fan failure of automobile radiator. This article is full of work, but don't be distracted. Question 1: the cooling fan does not run during the driving of the car. Maintenance method: This problem may occur because the engine water temperature does not meet the conditions for the cooling fan to start, the auto repair master can use the engine diagnostic instrument to test the cooling fan. If everything is working properly, the auto repair master needs to check if the thermostat is faulty. Question 2: the cooling fan starts frequently after the car is turned off, which is normal in most cases. Because after the car is turned off, the cooling system will normally stop working. At this time, the temperature of the engine has not cooled down. For this reason, the cooling fan will continue to work for a while, just wait for the temperature of the engine to drop, the cooling fan will naturally stop working. Question 3: The fan gear is not high. First, the auto repair master should check whether the fan connector has poor contact. In addition, it is necessary to check the power supply of the fan and whether the fan is stuck, these factors can cause the fan to not work when the gear is higher. Question 4: If the fan sounds abnormally when the fan is working normally, there are four situations: 1. Fan wear housing; 2. The bearing of the fan may be damaged; 3. Fan blades are deformed; 4. A foreign body enters the fan. In the above four cases, the first three need to replace the relevant parts, and in the last case, only need to clean the foreign matter. After knowing how to solve the radiator fan, you also need to know how to remove the radiator fan correctly so as not to cause damage to it. Here are the correct removal steps for the radiator fan: 1. Remove the lower baffle of the engine; 2. Remove the auxiliary water tank; 3. Panasonic coolant tube; 4. Remove the buckle on the fan shield; 5. Remove the connecting plug and remove the fastening screw of the fan shield; 6. Remove the fixing nut of the fan.
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