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The basic composition of the LCM module is revealed inside

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
The LCM module is an important component of LCD. Only through the combination of LCM modules can a complete LCD, which is our common LCD display, be formed. What is the basic composition of the LCM module? If you want to know, please contact Xingyuhe Electronics. Let me take a look down. The basic composition of the LCM module, and the internal secrets are revealed. The liquid crystal display module is a component that assembles LCD screendevices, connectors, integrated circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, and structural parts. The English name is 'LCD ModuleAbbreviated as 'LCMIn fact, it is a kind of commercialized component. According to the relevant national standards of our country, only the integral components that cannot be split are called 'modulesTherefore, the standard name should be called 'LCD screenassembly'. But because people have been accustomed to call it 'module' for a long time. So we now also call LCM a module. The full English name of LCM is liquid crystal module, which refers to a liquid crystal display module, which usually includes LCD display drive circuits and interface circuits. Often made into the form of a module. Including a series of LCD screen, iron frame, iron frame, PCB circuit board, driver IC, control IC, backlight, etc. Among them, IC packaging methods include hard packaging, COB bonding, and TAB packaging the IC on the film circuit , COF mounted IC fixed flexible circuit board, etc. There are also COGs that directly fix the IC on the glass of the LCD. LCM generally also includes a backlight (CCFL) and a driving circuit. It is composed of polarizer, backlight and control board. Among them, the liquid crystal is between the two glass LCM liquid crystal modules, which are mainly composed of glass, liquid crystal, and glass, and they do not emit light. According to the electro-optical effect, liquid crystal materials can be divided into two types: active liquid crystal and inactive liquid crystal. High light transmittance and controllability. The liquid crystal panel uses active liquid crystal, and people can control the brightness and color of the liquid crystal panel through the relevant control system. According to its characteristics, it can be divided into TN, STN, HTN, ESTN and TFT. TN, STN, HTN. FSTN is mainly used in industry, such as telephones, POS machines, etc.; computers, mobile phones, etc. are all used TFT. From the display color can be divided into monochrome and color; the monochrome screen can be divided into Yellow-green, off-white, blue and other colors. It is widely used on computers and TVs, and it is one of the necessary electrical appliances in our family. The above is the relevant sharing about the basic composition of the LCM module. Through the above understanding, I believe that the friends have a further understanding of this. If you want to know more, please pay attention to Xingyuhe Electronics.
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