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The best LCD screen phone! Redmi K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition released today: 144Hz high brush, 7-speed transmission

by:Kimeery     2021-05-28

The last 865 super cup this year is here. At 2 o'clock this afternoon, Redmi will hold a new product launch conference, officially bringing the K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition.

It can also be seen from the naming that the K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition is an upgraded version of the K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition. The processor is changed from Dimensity 1000+ to Snapdragon 865, and the battery capacity is from 4500mAh to 5000mAh. It is reported that the memory combination has also been upgraded from LPDDR 4X+UFS 2.1 to LPDDR 5+UFS 3.1.

According to the official statement, the K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition is a true flagship of performance, not a 'streaking version'.

The other big change of the K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition is the replacement of 120Hz AMOLED with 144Hz LCD screen.

In the impression of many people, LCD screens are inherently inferior to AMOLED, but the official said that the K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition will be the best LCD screen.

'144Hz high brush, 7-speed variable speed, 395PPI high resolution, professional primary color screen, more full-scene eye protection experience... To put it plainly, it will completely subvert your imagination of LCD screens.'

Judging from the officially announced parameters, the K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition uses a 6.67-inch LCD screen, 395 PPI pixel density, has a 3.8mm ultra-small opening, 144Hz high refresh rate, and supports 30-144Hz intelligence Switch, 7-speed adjustable.

In addition, this LCD screen also supports 4096-level brightness adjustment, 1nit extremely dark night light screen, 360° light perception adjustment, and supports TUV Rheinland low blue light certification.

At present, the biggest suspense of the K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition is the price. Taking into account the K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition's starting price of 1999 yuan, the price of the new machine may start at 2,299 yuan, becoming the most valuable Snapdragon today. Dragon 865 flagship machine.

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