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the best lcd screen protector: ipod nano 2nd generation top 5 screen protectors

by:Kimeery     2020-04-07
The IPod Nano is a very beautiful device with a very clear LCD screen.
However, there is a downside to this screen: it is known to be prone to scratches and stains, which may be the best screen quality in March.
Due to this flaw, there is a big market for people looking for LCD screen protectors for iPod Nano (
2nd generation and Upper).
In this article, you will find a review of the best screen protectors for the 2nd generation iPod Nano, as well as links to websites that can purchase them.
Belkin case with mountaineering clip (5 out of 5)
This lightweight plastic case covers the screen and body of the iPod to prevent drops and scratches.
There is a lock on the top of the case that can hold the iPod in place and also comes with a mountaineering clip that can be used by hand
Free shipping of the IPod, so you don\'t have to drop your iPod.
Although the box is not flashy, the price is very good and it looks strong.
Great review for Belkin case (average 4. 2/5 on Amazon)
In addition, a lifetime warranty is provided.
Image: Amazon Belkin Carabiner express Price: $0. 49+$3. 99 shipping.
Buy link: Belkin CaseiCool screen protector for iPod Nano 2g (2 out of 5)
This is standard, no.
Screen protector.
It protects your screen from scratches, but that\'s it-it\'s not the case.
The ICool screen protector is basically a clear sticker that you press on your iPod screen.
According to the description, the sticker can be removed without leaving any residue, which is a problem with some screen protectors.
However, it is difficult to verify this statement because there is no product review.
In addition, the price of the Protector is expensive enough, you can also purchase the full setblown case.
If you\'re just looking for screen protection and don\'t want to use the case, this could be a good option.
Image: Amazon-iCool screen saver Price: $2. 00 + $4. 99 shipping.
Purchase link: with screen protector (3 out of 5)
This product is from MyNetDeals.
The device includes a soft silicone case that can be placed around the iPod and can buffer falls and sudden blows.
In addition, it is equipped with a neck strap and screen protector to be applied to the screen in the same way as the iCool screen protector.
This product provides some protection and may be better than hard plastic boxes in softening drops.
The silicone case is also unlikely to break when dropped and is more suitable than the plastic case.
However, the price is a sticking point: $6.
95, the price of this screen protector is more than 12 times that of the Belkin case.
Picture: Amazon silicone case cover price: $6. 95 + $4.
43 shipping purchase link: Silicone Case cover javoshield metal case with screen protector (4 out of 5)
This is another combination of the screen protector and the housing.
Made from JAVOedge, the case is black and made of light aluminum.
The inner lining of the neoprene foam helps reduce the intensity of the waterfall.
The chassis is also equipped with a screen protector, which is applied before the chassis is connected.
The screen protector is a thin plastic covering that the user must install on the screen.
This is a stylish housing, and the metal construction may make it more durable than other products.
If you are looking for a combination of screen protector and housing, JAVOedge is a great choice.
Its price is not bad either.
Image: Amazon JAVOShieldPrice: $4. 00 + $2.
94 shipping purchase link: JAVOShield metal case Technology iPod screen protector (5 out of 5)
This screen protector is made by Grantwood Technology.
It is similar in nature to the previously described iCool product, but has some significant advantages.
First of all, the protector is a 2-
Pack at the same price as iCool.
This means that if you mess up the Protector application for the first time, you will have a second chance;
This also means that you also have another screen protector if the first screen protector falls off.
In addition to the iPod Nano 2nd generation screen protector, the package includes a clean cloth to remove any dust before applying the protector.
Picture: Amazon-iPod screen saver Price: $2. 00 + $3.
99 shipping purchase link: Grantwood Technology iPod 2g screen protection conclusion you have several options if you are looking for screen protection for your 2nd generation iPod Nano LCD screen.
If you want to protect the body and the screen, please select one of the cases above.
If you just want screen protection, a simple plastic screen cover should meet your needs without damaging the bank.
Why is the IPod Nano so easy to scratch?
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