The characteristics and market demand of black and white glue

by:Kimeery     2021-09-03
The characteristics of black and white glue As we all know, the main function of the black and white glue of the LCD panel is to fix and shading. Compared with this characteristic, its main characteristic in the production and use process is its viscosity. We compare the stickiness of the two sides of the black and white glue, the white side and the black side. The white side is linked with the rubber frame, so its stickiness requirement will be a little larger than that of the black glue. However, the black surface is connected to the glass. Compared with the plastic frame, the adhesion of the glass to the glue is much stronger, so there is no need for such a large viscosity, so we have to increase the viscosity of the white surface to ensure the stability of the entire module. Customers will also care about this feature when purchasing products. The demand for black and white glue Now the basic uses of small and medium-sized LCD modules are in mobile phones, music or movie playback devices (such as MP3\MP4\MP5, etc.), and the annual number of these products is equivalent to all the backlight industry The demand for black and white double-sided tape has increased. All statistics on the demand for black and white glue only need to look at the annual demand for mobile phones and some entertainment equipment in my country. According to these data, we have calculated that the annual demand for black and white double-sided tape in my country is about 30-40 million square meters.
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