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The dead pixels, bright spots, and dark spots of the LCD panel

by:Kimeery     2021-08-22
First introduce the specific concept of 'dead pixels' existing on the LCD panel, in order to facilitate the later use this as a basis to distinguish the level of the LCD panel. The liquid crystal panel is composed of a large number of pixels, and they can display the two colors of black and white and the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue. By combining the pixels that display different colors, we can see the image displayed on the LCD panel. However, the few pixels on the LCD panel cannot produce color changes. No matter what image the LCD screen displays, these pixels always display the same color. These defective pixels cannot be repaired and can only be solved by replacing the entire LCD panel. These faulty pixels are usually divided into two categories, among which the 'dark spots' are the 'black spots' that cannot be displayed no matter how the screen display image changes, and the more annoying is the one that always glows as long as it is turned on. The 'highlights'. Highlights: Three pixels of R, G, and B are presented in the case of a black screen. Dark spots: In the case of a white screen, there are color spots that are not simple R, G, and B pixels. With the development of LCD screentechnology up to now, it is still unable to fundamentally overcome this defect. Because the liquid crystal panel is composed of two glass plates, the interlayer in between is crystal droplets with a thickness of about 5 microns. These crystal droplets are evenly separated and contained in small cells, and every three cells constitute a pixel on the screen. Under the magnifying glass, the pixels are square, and a pixel is a luminous point. Each light-emitting point has an independent transistor to control the strength of its current. If the transistor that controls the point is broken, the light point will always be on or off. These are the bright or dark dots mentioned earlier, collectively referred to as 'dead dots'! Dead dots: dots that are pure black in the case of a white screen or pure white dots in the case of a black screen. When switching to the red, green, and blue display mode, this point is always at the same position and is always a pure black or pure white point. In this case, it means that the three pixels of R, G, and B have been damaged, so it is called a dead pixel.
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