The development history of LCD liquid crystal

by:Kimeery     2021-09-02
was first discovered by Austrian botanist F. Reinitzer in 1888. When he measured the melting point of organic matter, he found that certain organic matter (cholesteryl benzoate and acetate) would undergo a meltdown. The opaque liquid is in the state of white turbid liquid, and emits colorful and beautiful pearl luster. Only when it is heated to a certain temperature will it become a transparent and clear liquid. In the second year, German physicist O. Lehmann used his personal design to observe these lipid compounds as the latest polarizing microscope with a heating device at the time. He found that although this kind of white and turbid liquid is liquid in appearance, it shows the birefringence characteristic of anisotropic crystals. So Lehman named it 'liquid crystalLiquid crystal is an organic compound with regular molecular arrangement between solid and liquid. Generally, the most commonly used liquid crystal type is nematic mobile LCDscreen. Under the action of an electric field, the liquid crystal molecules will be regularly rotated 90 degrees to produce a difference in light transmittance, so that the difference between light and dark is generated when the power is turned on/off. According to this principle, each pixel can be controlled to form the desired image. molecular shape substructure In 1963, Willie Arms of RCA discovered that when the liquid crystal is stimulated with electricity, its light transmission method will change. Five years later, the Haylumahiya group of the same company invented a display device using this nature. This is the beginning of the Display (LiquidCrystal Display). At the beginning, as the material of the display screen, liquid crystal was very unstable. Therefore, as a commercial use, there are still problems. However, in 1973, Professor Gray (Hall University, UK) discovered a stable liquid crystal material (biphenyl series). In 1976, SHARP Corporation applied it to the display screen of a calculator (EL-8025) for the first time in the world. This material has now become the basis of LCD materials. 0
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