The difference between direct-type LED backlight and side-type LED backlight and which one is better

by:Kimeery     2021-08-20
Nowadays, many LCD screens and LCM liquid crystal module products will use LED backlights, and LED backlights are mainly divided into two types, direct-type and side-type, but many people do not know the direct-type LED backlight and the side-type. The difference between the two LED backlights. As a manufacturer focusing on Ru0026D, production and sales of LCD LCD screens, LCM LCD modules, LED backlights and LED digital tubes, Kimeery will give you a brief introduction today and hope it will be helpful to you. What does the LED backlight mean? The previous article has already introduced it, so I won't introduce it here. What is the difference between direct-lit LED backlight and side-lit LED backlight? 1. What is the direct-lit LED backlight and what are its characteristics? 1. The direct-lit LED backlight has a simple process and does not require a light guide plate. The LED array is placed at the bottom of the light box, and the light emitted from the LED is reflected on the bottom and side surfaces, and then uniformly emitted through the diffuser and optical module on the surface. 2. The thickness of the direct-lit LED backlight is determined by the distance between the bottom of the light box and the diffuser. Generally, the thicker the thickness, the better the light uniformity of the LED backlight. In the case of thin LED backlights, the uniformity of color and brightness has become the key technology of direct-lit LED backlights. 3. Most direct-lit LED backlights use edge-emitting LEDs, but large-angle edge-emitting LEDs are likely to cause dark spots due to low light intensity in the middle, which affects the uniformity of the LED backlight. 2. What is the side-type LED backlight and what are its characteristics? 1. The side-type backlight module is to set the point light source on the side of the specially designed light guide plate as the LED backlight source, and the number of LEDs is less. 2. Because the side-type LED backlight is placed on the side of the light guide plate, the number of LEDs and the brightness of the LED are limited, and the light needs to be evenly dispersed on the entire plane. The larger the panel area, the more limited the use of the light source. 3. Because the LED backlight is placed on the side of the product, only a light guide plate needs to be added at the back, and the thickness of the appearance of the liquid crystal product can be very thin. So which is better, direct-lit LED backlight or side-lit LED backlight? Through the above comparison, it can be found that the direct-type LED backlight and the side-type LED backlight have their own advantages, but overall, the side-type LED backlight will be better. Related articles: What does LED backlight mean?
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