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The difference between LCD and CRT performance parameters (1)

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
The performance parameters of LCD and CRT are quite different, and the reflected aspects include many aspects, including color, brightness, resolution, viewing angle, contrast interface and other aspects. The difference between the size of LCD and CRT, usually we refer to the size of the display screen to indicate the distance of the diagonal, and the size of CRT and LCD measurement standards are not consistent. There is a certain difference between the standard size of CRT and the actual viewing area size. The actual viewing area of u200bu200bthe CRT monitor of No. 15 is generally about 14, and the viewing area of u200bu200bNo. 17 is only about 16-16, so it is practical. The size is smaller than the standard size. But the LCD screen is not the same. What is the actual size of the LCD screen, so it must be marked, there will not be any difference, and this is the case, then the size of the LCD monitor on No. 15 is different from the size of the CRT monitor on No. 17. Not much. Generally, the size of common TFT screen has many sizes between 6.4-15.1. The contrast between the color and chromaticity of LCD and CRT, the level of color of LCD is more diverse, but the difference between the two sub-categories (TFT-LCD, DSTN-LCD) is still relatively large. The colors of TFT-LCD generally include 16-bit 64K and 24-bit 16M. The brightness and contrast of TFT-LCD are relatively high, so the colors it displays are also very bright. The color type of DSTN-LCD is only 256K, brightness and contrast. Relatively poor, the display color is not bright enough. The resolution of LCD and CRT is compared. The resolution we usually say is the number of pixels in each row and column on the screen. Usually we use matrix columns to express. Each pixel in the row and column can be used in the computer. Individually visited. Then the difference between the resolution of LCD and CRT is that it is generally not arbitrarily adjustable, and it is uniformly set and prescribed by the manufacturer.
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