The difference between LCD and CRT performance parameters (two)

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
The brightness contrast between LCD and CRT As we all know, the brightness value of an LCD screen will directly determine whether its picture is bright and beautiful. In the early days, because the brightness was not high enough, the LCD screen always gave people a dark feeling. The brightness of current LCD screens has been improved a lot compared to the previous ones. In most environments, products above 200cd/m2 (nits) can almost meet their requirements. Nowadays, the brightness standard value of many manufacturers will cheat. Some products with average quality will have uneven brightness, that is, the brightness value around the screen will be lower compared with the middle part, so when we buy Whether the brightness is uniform or not, you still need to pay attention to this issue. The brightness of many liquid crystals of TN and STN (DSTN) on the market will not exceed 100cd/m2. The screen brightness of the commonly used 5-6' pseudo-color STN on the market is basically between 130cd/m2, and the brightness of the TFT screen is normally above 150cd/m2. The contrast between LCD and CRT Through the contrast of the LCD screen, we can see whether the display can show rich color gradation. The higher the contrast of the display, the more vivid the colors and the richer the sense of hierarchy. For ordinary screens, the contrast ratio is above 120:1, it is OK, but if the user needs higher image quality requirements, you can also choose products above 300:1. However, it is worth noting that the higher the single brightness and contrast, the better the color of the display, because in the actual use process, the brightness and contrast need to be matched to ensure the image and color. The degree of reduction is more real.
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