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The difference between LCD module and LCD screen, what is the difference between LCM and LCD

by:Kimeery     2021-08-22
LCD is the abbreviation of LiquidCrystalDisplay, which translates to LCD module. LCM is the abbreviation of LCDmodule, which translates to LCD module. The difference between LCD module and LCD screen is that the LCD screen is a component of the LCD module. The LCD module refers to connecting the LCD screen. Components, control and drive peripheral circuits, PCB circuit boards, backlight sources, structural components and other components assembled together. The liquid crystal module usually refers to a small-sized liquid crystal display, and a large-sized liquid crystal screen with control is usually not called a liquid crystal module, but is called a display or a liquid crystal display. Types of LCD Modules LCD modules can be divided into COB (ChipOnBoard) LCD modules and COG (chiponglass) LCD modules according to process types. For more details on the classification of backlight type, backlight color, LCD type, etc., please refer to: What are the types of Xingyuhe 1602 LCD modules? There is also a more important classification method for LCD modules. According to the classification of display content and methods, it can be divided into character LCD modules, graphic dot matrix LCD modules and pen-segment LCD modules. For details, please refer to: LCD module model LCD screen type LCD for Samsung LCD screen, STN LCD screen, STN LCD screen, STN LCD screen, TFD LCD screen are the five common LCD screens. For details, please refer to: LCD screen classification and technical characteristics. Concept angle: LCD (Liquid-CrystalDisplay) is a liquid crystal display, LCM ( Liquid-CrystalModule) is a liquid crystal module; industry perspective: LCD is a big concept, a representative name for the LCD screenindustry, and LCM cannot be used as a representative name for liquid crystal; product perspective: LCD represents the front-end product or process, while LCM represents the rear Segment products or processes. LCD specifically refers to the LCD screen (the LCDPanel part is Cell), and the LCM is a combination of the following modules: LCDPanel+ACF+DriverIC+PCB+FPC+B/LModule+iron frame. Production angle: For small and medium-sized LCD screens, LCD manufacturers mainly make LCD screens. LCM manufacturers buy the former LCD screens and combine other modules to form modules. One LCD can supply multiple LCM screens, and LCM manufacturers can also purchase several LCD factory screens; for large-size LCD screens (such as LCDTV), the LCD factory basically sells its own modules, and the TV factory buys the modules, which can be directly made into TVs. For a more detailed introduction to the LCD module, please visit: What is an LCD module and what is an LCM? For a more detailed introduction to the LCD screen, please visit: Detailed explanation of the structure and principle of the LCD screen
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