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The difference between pen segment LCD module and dot matrix LCD module

by:Kimeery     2021-08-25
There are two types of LCD screenmodules on the market, one is a pen-segment liquid crystal module, and the other is a dot matrix liquid crystal module. What is the difference between these two modules, let's compare what is the difference. The pen-segment liquid crystal module directly etches the pattern that you want to display on the ITO glass. In this case, the pattern displayed on the glass panel is fixed, and what pattern is displayed at which position is fixed and cannot be changed. But the dot matrix LCD module is different. It is not a fixed pattern carved on the ITO glass, but a row of rectangular dot matrix carved on it. If you want to display some patterns at this time, you must program through software. Each graphic is composed of a small rectangle. Therefore, there is still a big difference between the pen-segment liquid crystal module and the dot matrix liquid crystal module in the use process. The pen-segment liquid crystal module is limited when it is used, and the content it displays is fixed. If you want to change to other patterns in the same position, it won't work. The dot-matrix LCD module is different, the displayed content can be ever-changing, and customers can just debug the software as needed. Of course, the pen-segment LCD module is relatively simple for development and design, and does not require complex circuit design and software debugging. If the customer does not need to change the display content in the application, then choose the pen-segment LCD module. The dot matrix LCD module is different. It is relatively more complicated to develop. Although it is complicated to develop, customers can use it flexibly to meet the needs of all aspects. So, which one is better, a pen-segment LCD module or a dot matrix LCD module? It depends on the needs of the client. It doesn't matter which one is good or not, just meet the development needs. In summary, the pen-segment LCD module and the dot-matrix LCD module each have their own advantages, as long as we clearly recognize the differences between the pen-segment LCD module and the dot-matrix LCD module in all aspects, and combine our practical applications, Make a reasonable and correct choice.
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