The difference between TFT and LCD, what are the advantages of TFT-LCD

by:Kimeery     2021-08-26
The technical staff of Xingyuhe Electronics stated in the previous 'What is TFT LCD and what is the structure of FT-LCD?' 'In the article, I specifically introduced what TFT-LCD is. I will continue to analyze with you what is the difference between TFT-LCD and ordinary LCD, and what are the advantages of TFT-LCD in comparison. In the difference between LED and LCD, the author has mentioned that TFT-LCD is inevitably a type of liquid crystal display (LCD) from the name, but it is also true. The advantages of LCD) can be cleared to know the difference with LCD. Advantage 1: Large display area and wide display angle TFT-LCD can have a larger display area than other LCDs. There are now dozens of inches of TFT-LCD in the digital city, and other types of LCD screens generally do not exceed 20 inches in size. Now the best TFT-LCD has a vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees, which is unmatched by other LCDs. Advantage 2: High chip integration and good usage characteristics The 1.3-inch TFT chip used for LCD projection has a resolution of XGA and contains millions of pixels. The 16.1-inch TFT array amorphous silicon with a resolution of SXGA (1280×1024) has a film thickness of only 50nm, and TAB ON GLASS and SYSTEM ON GLASS technologies, the integration of its IC, the requirements for equipment and supply technology, and the technical difficulty All surpass the traditional LSI. Low-voltage applications, low driving voltage, and improved safety and reliability of solid-state use; flat, light and thin. Advantage 3: Good display quality and low harmful radiation. TFT was first used as a matrix location circuit to improve the light valve characteristics of liquid crystals. For high-resolution displays, through the voltage adjustment in the range of 0-6V (the typical value is 0.2 to 4V), precise control of the object is achieved, so that the LCD can achieve high-quality and high-resolution display. TFT-LCD is the first flat panel display in human history that exceeds CRT in display quality. Now people begin to integrate the driver IC on the glass substrate, and the function of the entire TFT will be more powerful, which is unmatched by traditional large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits. No radiation, no flicker, no harm to the user's health. In particular, the emergence of TFT-LCD e-books will bring mankind into the era of paperless office and paperless printing, triggering a revolution in the way that humans learn, spread, and remember civilization. Advantage 4: Low production cost and multiple manufacturing processes. Glass substrates and plastic substrates fundamentally solve the cost problem of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits and open up a broad application space for the application of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits. In addition to sputtering, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and MCVD (Molecular Chemical Vapor Deposition) and other traditional processes for film formation, laser annealing technology has also begun to be applied, which can produce amorphous films, polycrystalline films, and single crystal films. It can not only make silicon film, but also make other Ⅱ-Ⅵ group and Ⅲ-Ⅴ group semiconductor thin films. Advantage 5: Wide application range and wide application range. It can be used normally from -20 ℃ to +50 ℃. The low temperature working temperature of TFT-LCD after temperature strengthening can reach minus 80 ℃. It can be used as a mobile terminal display, a desktop terminal display, and a large-screen projection TV. It is a full-size video display terminal with excellent performance. Liquid crystal flat panel displays based on TFT technology are the pillar industry of the information society. The technology can also be applied to the rapidly growing thin film transistor organic electroluminescence (TFT-LCD for Samsung) flat panel displays. Since 2004, TFT-LCD has gradually replaced other LCD screens and CRT monitors in the market space of large-size displays with its huge advantages in various aspects.
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