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The difference between the performance parameters of LCD and CRT (3)

by:Kimeery     2021-08-28
The comparison of the viewing angle of LCD and CRT The viewing angle we are talking about refers to the LCD screen, which is its unique parameter. The main reason why the viewing angle exists is because it is affected by the imaging mechanism. Generally speaking, the viewing angle of LCD is symmetrical, not up and down. Therefore, when viewing the LCD screen, if you want to get the best visual effect, you can only watch it from the front. If you view it from other angles, the screen may appear dark and distorted. The upper and lower angles of the LCD screen are normally smaller than the left and right angles. It is undeniable that the larger the viewing angle, the better. However, we must understand the definition of perspective. When we usually say that the degree of viewing angle is around N degrees, it should be expressed that the screen image can still be clearly seen when it starts at the position of the screen normal at N degrees. But there is a problem of objectivity that human eyesight is not the same, so the contrast is the standard. When the viewing angle reaches the maximum, the measured contrast is also the bigger the better. Generally speaking, the industry has two standards: CR>5 or CR>10. DSTN-LCD generally only has 60 degrees, while TFT-LCD can reach 160 degrees. Response time comparison between LCD and CRT When viewing and adjusting the moving picture on a liquid crystal display, we often see the phenomenon of image smearing or what we call 'ghosting'. The reason for this phenomenon is also because the response speed of the LCD screen is not fast enough, and the pixels cannot keep up with the response speed of the input signal, so the viewer can see the phenomenon of residual images. The response time of the LCD screen is expressed in ms (milliseconds). For most LCD screenproducts, products between 50 milliseconds and 100 milliseconds can be displayed normally. For users who often watch videos or play games, of course, the faster the response speed, the better. Some current LCD screenproducts can generally reach more than 30 milliseconds, so the problem of image retention is becoming weaker and weaker now. LCD and CRT refresh rate Compared with CRT, the refresh rate of LCD display is not as important as CRT. The refresh rate of the CRT can be detected by the naked eye, so the refresh rate must be at least 65-70Hz, so that the picture does not appear to flicker too much. If you don't want to see the flicker, you need to adjust the refresh rate above 80Hz. The on-off state of the screen pixels of the LCD display changes when the screen content changes, so for the LCD screen, even if the scanning frequency is not high, the screen will not flicker.
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