The first process equipment of Huarui Optoelectronics TFT-LCD project is moved in, and it is expected to be lit and put into production next year

by:Kimeery     2021-06-02

On August 18, 2020, with the smooth move in of the first process equipment exposure machine, the fifth-generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device project of Huarui Optoelectronics, located in the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, officially entered the equipment installation and commissioning stage.

The installation and commissioning phase is fully entered and it is expected to be put into production next year

'I announce that the main equipment of Huarui Optoelectronics TFT-LCD project will be moved into and started.' On the morning of August 18, with Henan Province With an order from Yu Chuqiang, executive deputy general manager of Huarui Optoelectronics Industry Co., Ltd., in the eyes of all the employees on the scene, the guests and leaders of the conference put together the first process equipment exposure machine of Huarui Optoelectronics' fifth-generation TFT-LCD project Into the plant.

Hua Rui Optoelectronics is a key investment attraction project in Henan Province. It is located in the high-end manufacturing cluster in the southern part of the Airport Experimental Zone. It covers an area of u200bu200babout 500 acres. The project is based on the fifth generation of thin film transistor LCD Display device products are the core. The construction of the main structure of the project began in March 2019, and nearly 10,000 pile foundations were operated at the same time. In August of that year, the roof of the main factory building was completed, and it took 180 days to refresh the 'port speed'. With the care and support of provincial, municipal and district leaders and Xinggang Investment Group, with the joint efforts of all employees, construction units and equipment manufacturers, after more than 400 days of safe construction, the main plant, comprehensive power plant and other The supporting buildings have all been completed. The cleaning of the main plant will begin in April 2020, and the first STK equipment will enter the site on May 15.

The person in charge of the Huarui Optoelectronics Technology Department said that the exposure machine is the process equipment with the most complex process requirements, the longest installation time, and the most stringent environmental requirements. The move-in of the first process equipment of the project marked the first liquid crystal display device manufacturer in Henan Province formally transferred from the construction stage to the equipment installation and commissioning stage, laying the foundation for the next product lighting and capacity ramping.

With the introduction of the first process equipment, the TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel production line will officially enter the equipment debugging and installation stage, and it is expected to be lit and put into production next year. In the future, a new display industry cluster with an output value of more than 40 billion can be formed, which is of great significance for promoting the transformation and upgrading of Henan's industrial structure and building an advanced manufacturing cluster.

Henan’s first LCD panel project has a broad market prospect

my country is a big country in the production and consumption of electronic information products, but it is affected by factors such as insufficient technology accumulation, scattered industrial resources, and imperfect supporting facilities. The pace of development of new domestic display technologies is relatively slow, and the local panel industry chain is relatively weak. In order to meet the needs of industrial agglomeration in the airport experimental zone, promote collaborative innovation among related industries, and build a new ecology of the LCD panel industry, Henan Modern Service Industry Industry Investment Fund, Zhengzhou Guokong Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd., Henan Xinggang Rongchuang Venture Capital Henan Huarui Optoelectronic Industry Co., Ltd. invested and established by the Development Fund, Beijing Hezhong Jiuzhou Investment Co., Ltd., Sichuan Huajing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., and Henan Lejing Enterprise Management Center (Limited Partnership) came into being.

As the first LCD panel manufacturer in Henan Province, Huarui Optoelectronics integrates Ru0026D, production and sales of electronic products, communication products, and digital products. It has introduced a Korean TFT-LCD LCD panel production line , With a-Si technology as the core, we will make every effort to build an intelligent system to fill the gap in the new display industry in Henan Province. The product is positioned on glass substrates with a size of 1200mm*1000mm, covering multiple sizes of 1.44-42 inches, which can meet various market needs such as automotive displays, smart homes, wearable displays, smart medical care, precision industrial instruments and some smart phones.

With the advent of the 5G era and the further segmentation of the industry, LCD panels will usher in a wave of demand peaks, and the 'panel rookie' Huarui Optoelectronics is bound to usher in new opportunities for full-speed development. 'In the future, we will actively promote the electronic information industry in the experimental zone to strengthen the chain and supplement the chain, and gradually enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.' The relevant leader of Huarui Optoelectronics said that the break of display panel manufacturers will drive light guide plates, polarizers, and electronics on the one hand. Manufacturers of upstream supporting industries such as materials and precision injection molding and downstream terminal products gather around it to create a cluster development belt for the Henan panel industry; on the other hand, it also helps increase the flow of people, logistics, capital and information in the region, and contribute to the society. Thousands of new jobs have been created, generating good economic and social benefits.

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