The industry claims that the new mini LED backlight LCD panel technology has matured

by:Kimeery     2021-06-03

November 3 news, according to a Taiwan media digitimes report, industry insiders said that mini LED technology is mature enough and has even entered mass production this year, but has not yet reached mass production. Reports claim that the mini LED backlight technology of LCD IPS displays may Become a changer in the industry.

Sources said that LCD displays using LED backlight technology are far superior to today’s LCD displays in brightness, contrast, color reproduction and energy saving, and can even compete with AMOLED while controlling production costs. . As the number of LEDs used for panel backlighting has greatly increased, the new technology can also improve the HDR performance of LCD screens to a large extent. Taking a standard smartphone as an example, a 5-inch mobile phone display contains about 25 LED units, while a mini LED backlight can contain 9,000 to 10,000 units. This will lead to better HDR performance due to finer control.

Because of the ability to dim a single pixel, the LCD for Samsung panel is still better at present, but the mini LED backlight display can still meet the extreme requirements of dealing with local dimming when displaying HDR content. Even better, the new screen can also compete with AMOLED displays in terms of thickness.

Looking forward to the future, mini LED backlight panels are the basis of future micro LED backlight panels. The latter is still difficult to produce due to troublesome repairs and the need to adjust CRI (color rendering index) to match the current existing ones. Monitor. If these problems are solved, micro LED technology can finally combine the advantages of LCD for Samsung and LCD.

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